New Foodservice Sweet Corn Makes Great Elote

New Foodservice Sweet Corn Makes Great EloteNew Foodservice Sweet Corn Makes Great Elote

Columbia Fresh Produce, located in Walla Walla, Washington, announced today that they are seeing great results with Mexican Food Restaurants in Northwest Indiana.  The sweet corn, available currently in 6-inch long cobs, are pre-cooked and vacuumed packed, offering an amazingly long shelf life when kept refrigerated as well as easy use inside restaurant kitchens.

The sweet corn variety is bi-colored (mixed yellow and white kernels) offering great visual appeal and a sweet and fresh crunchy taste.  “You will not believe the taste of this corn as compared to frozen products offered today,” comments Dewight Hall, owner of Columbia Fresh.

The sweet corn, labeled Sunbites, was featured at the National Restaurant Associations annual food show in Chicago this year and is currently on the menus of, Ruben’s Mexican Grill, Dyer, IN and Pepe’s Off Broadway Mexican Restaurant located in Merrillville, IN.  Both are using the corn to offer ‘Elote’, a Mexican style sweet corn blended with mayonnaise, Cotija cheese, and a blend of spices like smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.   Topped off with fresh lime juice.  It is sold as an appetizer and is a delicious treat due to the taste of the super-sweet corn taste with the saltiness of the cheese, spices and lime juice.  “It really gets that sweet/salty taste popping inside your mouth”, offered Rick Bella, Director of Business Development for Columbia Fresh Produce. “Everyone seems to really love the taste” he added.

New Foodservice Sweet Corn Makes Great Elote

This sweet corn is grown in some of the richest vegetable growing regions of North America where cool summer nights increase the sugar content of the corn.  It offers not only a consistent size, but simple and fast warming preparation times, allowing users to prepare what is needed quickly.  Warming can be done via microwave, steam, boiling, or grilling.  Since the product is pre-cooked, it only needs to be brought to serving temperature and with individually vacuum sealed ears, shrink or loss of product is almost non-existent.  No shrink, no cleaning, easy, fast preparation, are all welcomed features to restaurant operators.

The variety of uses this corn offers extends beyond a side dish or entrée complement to include appetizers and small plate menus. Columbia Fresh is excited to present this great product as an alternative in this fresh food category.  The other benefit is that it is available year-round and will always offer the same great taste.

It is currently in distribution from Testa Produce Company, Chicago, IL, and Caito Foods, Indianapolis, IN.  Columbia Fresh is seeking distributors of this new and exciting product.  Columbia also offers direct store delivery in certain areas of the country.

For additional information, contact Rick Bella at Columbia Fresh Produce.  Email: or call 509-593-5100.  Columbia Fresh Produce, Inc. is a produce grower, packer, shipper and marketer of fresh produce for various segments of the fresh produce industry.  They are also the importer and distributor of Sunbites Sweet Corn in the United States.  Learn more about them and this great product at their website:

New Foodservice Sweet Corn Makes Great Elote