New SilverSaver System Saves Restaurants Thousands of Dollars in Lost Flatware Annually Makes Official Debut at NRA Show 2012

There are a lot of daily expenses in the restaurant business, and now the new SilverSaver System from Restaurant Remedy Group (RRG) has been proven to save restaurants money every day, adding up to thousands of dollars each year.

The SilverSaver System will make its official premier in booth #263 at the National Restaurant Association Show 2012 in Chicago this month, and field trials across the country have proven in each location to save restaurants thousands of dollars in lost silverware each year.

“Restaurant operators know they are literally throwing money away every day in lost flatware, and the SilverSaver System has been proven to save an average of 17 pieces of flatware every day, protecting against loss and putting money back into the cash register,” said Restaurant Remedy Group President Steve Malaga.

The SilverSaver System looks like a barbell without the weights, with one super-magnetized end. Users insert the SilverSaver into the trash can or linen bin, swirl, and the SilverSaver’s super-magnet attracts most flatware. When inserted, the SilverSaver system quickly and easily attracts 18/0 flatware to the pole, which can be easily removed from the pole and washed, resulting in instant cash savings.

SilverSaver Ultra
SilverSaver Ultra

The SilverSaver System comes in two varieties: SilverSaver Ultra, and SilverSaver Elite. SilverSaver Elite has the same super-magnet as Ultra with the added benefit of a magnetic release, making it safer and even easier to use.

RRG studies show the average restaurant throws away an average of 17 pieces of flatware every day, adding up to thousands in lost revenue every year. Malaga’s own extensive experience led him to create the SilverSaver System.

“I’ve been in the restaurant industry for more than 25 years, and helped open more than 100 restaurants throughout North America. There was always this glaringly obvious need for a flatware recovery product that actually worked, which is why we created the SilverSaver System, rescuing an average of 17 pieces of flatware from trash cans and linen bins each day. That’s money back in the till every single day,” Malaga said.

In addition to the SilverSaver System, RRG will also unveil the new Sani-Bucket Holder, designed to help restaurants reduce slip-and-fall Workers’ Comp claims. Accidental kicking of sanitation buckets result in hundreds of slip-and-fall claims each year, and the Sani-Bucket Holder quickly and easily takes the bucket off the floor, keeps it within easy reach, and helps to eliminate Workers’ Comp claims and thereby increase the cash in the till.

“The Sani-Bucket Holder gets the bucket off the floor and puts it at hip level, making it more accessible and more visible, encouraging employees to use sanitary solutions more frequently. In other words, the Sani-Bucket Holder makes it more convenient for your workers to create a more sanitary kitchen, in addition to saving money in Workers Comp claims,” Malaga said.

Stop throwing money away. Visit RRG in NRA booth #263, or visit for more information and video demonstrations.

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