New Tool Helps Restaurant Franchisees Get a Handle on Community Involvement

New Tool Helps Restaurant Franchisees Get a Handle on Community Involvement
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As a restaurant franchisee, you face many challenges in your daily work- when do you have the time to reach out and get involved with your local community?

Local Store Marketing is a key element to the success of your restaurants; it is the local community that supports your restaurant’s livelihood. Studies show local neighborhoods are where you need to focus attention in order for your restaurants to thrive. But if you’re a multi-unit operator, community outreach can be a daunting process, even more so if you don’t have a dedicated marketing staff. Thankfully tools like have been created especially for multi-unit foodservice franchisees and operators. is a tool used by restaurants in over 50 cities all across the country to drive, manage, and track their community involvement. GroupRaise simply connects restaurants with groups and organizations in their local community looking to host fundraising meals, or fundraising nights, at their locations.

Why restaurant fundraisers? Fundraisers drive $1,000s in sales and also increase your brand quality in the community by allowing people to see that you are making an impact and helping causes they care about. All donations to registered non-profit organizations are tax deductible, giving you a tax break at the end of the year. Restaurant fundraisers are a tactic used all across the industry, from local eateries to large corporate chains, to build enchanting relationships with community groups who may also need other services like catering and gift cards. has made it more simple by taking the process online.

It is 100% free to list 1-100+ restaurant locations on the site; there is no upfront or monthly cost. GroupRaise only charges a small fee if you are successful in connecting with a group you would like to host. So just by listing your restaurants you are getting great local marketing exposure even if you don’t host any fundraisers. This is one of the main reasons why is an awesome tool for franchisees and multi-unit operators. It only takes a few minutes to list your restaurants, and if you don’t already have a fundraising policy they will help you build one. If you would like to get your locations involved, here is the link to get started:

GroupRaise is a great tool to help you take control of your community involvement and increase the enchantment of your local outreach for all of your locations. Don’t get left behind when it comes to community involvement!