NTC Lowers Restaurant Operational Costs with its Environmental Waste/Recycling Cost Audit

NTC Lowers Restaurant Operational Costs with its Environmental Waste/Recycling Cost Audit

NTC’s Environmental Division has been helping their Restaurant Clients save money on their Waste/Recycling costs.  The majority of companies lack the expertise, time and resources to research and negotiate “best pricing” solutions especially when dealing with multiple locations.

NTC uses a mix of environmental tax credits and incentives, client pooling, industry experience, proprietary software and “win-win” negotiating procedures to significantly reduce waste disposal costs. We leverage our national footprint to receive the best possible pricing.

85% of NTC clients are saving over 36% each year for the same waste and recycling service.

NTC specializes in the total management of your company’s waste stream. You will have a dedicated team that is looking out for you and your business interests 24 hours a day, providing ongoing and continuous support to reduce your costs and impacts. We find innovative, cost-saving waste and recycling solutions across a variety of industries, providing comprehensive management of companies’ waste streams.

NTC conducts a Maximum Efficiency Review with every customer.  This involves an in-depth, on-site evaluation of the customers’ waste stream and an assessment of flow, composition, process and equipment needs.

NTC closely monitors our customers’ logistics to find opportunities to maximize efficiency. We are experts at re-engineering logistics to save time, lower costs, and reduce each company’s environmental footprint.

Our vendor network includes: recyclers, environmental consultants, equipment providers, service and repair companies, waste to energy providers, grease trap maintenance, and waste haulers. Our ability to partner with the waste haulers and incentivize them with green credits is what drives this program. 95% of the time we are able utilize and reposition with your current vendor or hauler and work to create an atmosphere where both our clients and the vendor can benefit.

NTC Environmental Team cut our cost for over 100 locations $97,300 per year with the same waste hauling service we had used for over 10 years” 
John Reeves -CFO

We understand that every industry has unique challenges associated with waste and recycling. This is why we design custom solutions to complement each of our customers’ needs

Also, keep in mind that there is No Financial Risk to you. We work on a contingency/success fee basis.

For more information about NTC Tax Credit Division, visit: http://nationaltaxcredit.com/envronmental-consulting/

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