Offering Online Ordering Can Drive New Business

Offering Online Ordering Can Drive New BusinessLaunching an online food ordering service is an excellent convenience business that will draw in new customers looking for a great meal on the go and keep existing patrons coming back.

Offering quality takeout meals is one of the fastest growing segments of the hospitality industry and making the ordering service available online will set your business apart from less technology focused businesses.

Customers are already using the Internet to research menus, reviews and locations of restaurants. Some patrons are taking the next step and ordering food online. Sixty-nine percent of mobile users have ordered food online, says a study produced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

The IAB study also found that 50 percent of patrons downloaded a restaurant app to a mobile device and more than half have used a mobile restaurant app like Yelp and Urbanspoon.

Jump On The Mobile App Trend

To take advantage of the ordering online trend restaurants need to get a mobile application. This technology tool is on the cusp of exploding in popularity and you don’t want to lag behind your competitors. Many patrons find online ordering easier and quicker than calling because they have easy access to the menu.

If you get the right application, it’s easy to track sales and you might see a jump in revenues, says You can also use the application in your marketing plan and offer special online promotions. The mobile application is also an easy way for patrons to pre-pay for the food by credit card or Pay Pal.

Use Quality Packaging And Service

Make sure to buy quality takeout packaging. It doesn’t matter if the food is delivered or picked up by the customer there is a risk of food losing its heat. You need to duplicate the same results in the dining room at the customer’s home. In picking food packaging materials, be cognizant of how food reactions when it’s sealed. Some food will sweat, changing its texture and taste. Find the right packaging materials that preserve the presentation of your food.

Don’t Underestimate The Takeout Service Success.

There is nothing worse than being unable to meet demand and having disappointed customers. Make sure you have a great service launch and start on a positive note. Have one person on staff in charge of overseeing the takeout orders. Make sure they are arranging the orders so that they are completed in the delivery window.

While customers appreciate and praise being able to order food using a mobile device, they can also be hyper critical of mistakes and slowness. A restaurant is especially vulnerable online and unhappy customers are not shy in expressing opinions. Many customer review sites cite cold food and a two-hour delivery wait in negative reviews about mobile ordering.

Restaurants shouldn’t be afraid of trying something new, especially if it will increase sales and bring in new customers. Don’t fear technology because it’s the new frontier in restaurant marketing and service offerings. Customers want more convenience and are willing to pay for quality food offered in a quick way. How are you modernizing your restaurant?

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