On ‘The Fast Food Revolution’

On 'The Fast Food Revolution'

Adam Eskin runs a few restaurants in Manhattan. And with them, he’s a tastemaker for the entire industry.

As CEO and founder of Dig Inn, he’s leading the charge of a food revolution that he believes is changing the way we think about food. Recovering from laryngitis, he gave his TEDx talk, “The Fast Food Revolution.” In it, he discussed how growing awareness about good and healthy food – through entertainment, media and ubiquitous statistics about the obesity epidemic – has led to a revolution in the food industry.

Before now, consumers largely chose the speed, convenience and price of fast food over expensive, healthy and wholesome. Now, technology has advanced sufficiently for restaurants to provide those healthy and wholesome meals with near the speed, convenience and price of fast food places.

The biggest example of how this works is Chipotle – it’s a massive chain, but it still tastes good, Eskin said. The popularity of Chipotle founder Steve Ells’ “food with integrity” program demonstrates that people care about where their food comes from.

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