One Management Emerges as the Total Restaurant Industry Solution in 2014

One Management Solutions announced today its plan to leverage the company’s position as the foremost Restaurant consulting firm in the US by adding to its infrastructure and management teams, having reached its targeted growth milestones in 2013.

Beginning in Memphis, Tennessee in 2005, the company has evolved into a single source solution to the hospitality sector overall and with a specific focus on the restaurant industry. The principals of One Management have delivered excellence in a vast array of arenas – from casinos to hotels, diners to white tablecloths, stadiums to kiosks.

With a corporate office based in Fairfield, Connecticut -One Management has additional offices in Massachusetts, Chicago, New York, Maryland, Florida, and the Gulf Coast. One Management…with its roots in operational excellence provides actionable solutions to operators across brands. The cornerstone to our success is our client’s realization, that a unified approach focused on the guest, the employees, and the financials are tantamount to the success of their business. One Management is a business born on the theory of balance.

Salient Features of ONE’s Total Solution include:

  • Consulting & Management Development – A strong focus on operational excellence and the ability to mobilize significant operators into a development role very quickly are paramount to success.  From analysis to benchmarking to implementation a solution for each restaurant is provided. One Management provides and implements plans with actionable results.
  • Recruiting & Talent Acquisition – Matching each innovative concept with operational excellence, increased revenue, and enhanced guest experiences from true professionals that want to work with a dedicated corporate culture.  Having experience running multiple concepts and multiple properties across the county, the team at One understands the need to match the right candidate with the right culture – and has the ability to grasp the important nuances of the clients operation.
  • Energy Management – One Management’s team of analysts in Rocky Hill CT specializes in customizing energy specific programs designed to manage this huge cost  while mitigating risk to our client. One Management offers a full suite of energy management solutions designed to each operators financial goals.
  • Procurement- Utilizing a proprietary technology based audit and compliance system providing clarity and transparency to the food procurement process. Our application delivers significant savings with an enhanced ROI.
  • Marketing & Brand Building – The depth of experience of the principals of One allows for creating the development of the concept, affinity, further definition of the brand, and enables social equity of our clients brands.

The principals of One Management; Barry Burns and Richard Caprio, along with restaurant guru Joanne Blank, have combined experience of over 60 years in Food & Beverage, Hospitality, and Restaurant Operations.  Having the privilege of working with outstanding clients in these sectors, and a collective goal to help restaurants improve market share, streamline systems, communicate input, and furnish reliable program analysis and control so project team efforts remain focused, efficient, and successful.

“We focus our efforts on your most important commodities – your people, your products, your energy, and the reputation of your brand. We recognize that the key to success is delivering balanced results for your guests, your employees, and your shareholders. ONE offers a third party valuable resource in an ever-changing operational world that demands expertise inside and outside of your four walls” said Burns.

Caprio agrees that “The ability to engage clients on multiple levels ensures a partnership approach and complete understanding of their business goals. Our long term view of our partners’ business needs allows us to operate strategically within their organization delivering meaningful financial results.”

One Management clients stay ahead of the curve with a key focus on enhanced guest experiences, optimal effectiveness, and improved operational efficiency. “I think that a keen eye for style and a strong knack for negotiating, results in a winning combination and client offering,” said Blank.

Together the ONE team leverages our resources to deliver value to our clients when they most need them. Our integrated approach allows us to better understand their challenges and opportunities when they arise and apply the appropriate resources.

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Barry Burns – 203-308-0897

Richard Caprio – 203-383-0032

Office – 877-717-3970