Panera Bread Introduces MyPanera Loyalty Program

Panera Bread Company (NASDAQ: PNRA) today completed the nationwide rollout of its new customer loyalty program, named MyPanera. The program has been in development and test for 18 months and has been extremely well received to date. 

Designed to be closely aligned with Panera’s core values and mission of delivering a unique experience to its guests, the intent of the ‘Surprise and Delight’ loyalty program is to connect more deeply with Panera’s customers by delivering unexpected and highly-relevant rewards for dining at Panera Bread bakery-cafes. 

MyPanera will offer loyalty program members exclusive invitations, experiential opportunities like baking with Panera bakers, preview tastings of new menu items, as well as recipes, cooking tips and surprises such as a free bakery-cafe menu item. The program becomes increasingly personalized as a member frequents Panera and spends more time in the program.

“MyPanera is a loyalty program done the Panera way. Our brand has always demonstrated value to be far more than price. So unlike the typical buy 10 get one free type loyalty programs, MyPanera is focused on fostering unique relationships with our customers through deeply understanding how each guest enjoys and interacts with Panera today, and new ways they might like to in the future,” said Bill Moreton, Panera Bread CEO and president. 

To date the program has shown to have a meaningful impact on frequency of visit, and rolls out nationally with over two million customers already participating. 

Moreton concluded, “We have been very deliberate over the years in getting to know our customers, which has allowed us to create a highly personalized loyalty program. Panera customers are so connected to the company’s brand promise and values that they expect us to deliver something different, better. We are confident the MyPanera program will be seen as quintessential Panera in the eyes of our loyal customers and be regarded among the restaurant and retail industry’s best.”

Customers can pick up a MyPanera card at any bakery-cafe and register via or by completing and submitting a form in the bakery-cafe.