Paul Martin’s American Bistro Supports Local Farms and Purveyors

In keeping with their mission “From the Market by the Season” Paul Martin’s American Bistro has always stocked their kitchen and bar with fresh, local & sustainable goods. These dedicated restaurateurs haven’t simply relied on their original list of purveyors to provide the foundation of their seasonal menus. Instead, they have supported local purveyors and sustainable farming through active participation in organizations like PlacerGrown and American Farmland Trust and in their ongoing work building relationships with a growing number of organic and sustainable farmers to expand their network of purveyors. This creates not only a fantastic dining experience for Paul Martin’s guests, but also exposes each of their customers to the benefits of seasonal local foods fresh from the market, hopefully building awareness and increasing demand for quality foods grown with a conscience.

For many diners, the idea of eating fresh, local ingredients is pleasing, but finding out what really goes into organic and sustainable farming might be surprising. Maybe thoughts of a childhood vegetable garden and the simple methods used to produce and harvest the bounty come to mind. The reality of sustainable and organic farming today is that it requires extensive knowledge and planning, as well as a serious commitment. Capay Organics began their organic farming in 1976, when the concept was in its infancy. Over the past 30 years, the family owned and operated business has expanded to growing over 150 varieties of fruits and vegetables on 700 acres of certified organic land. Maintaining their standards includes practicing healthy crop rotation, encouraging a diverse ecosystem around the fields, efficient use of local water sources and carefully selecting produce varieties that grow well and taste great.

Ocean Mist Farms provides Paul Martin’s with the freshest artichokes, grown locally in Castroville, CA. But it’s not just the ideal micro-climate that produces their exceptional artichokes; it is a targeted farm management strategy that includes soil management, water and resource conservation, integrated pest management, and commitment to employees and community. For example, by working crop residue back into the soil natural defenses in the soil are strengthened. The soil is then less reliant on chemicals to fight diseases and pest pressures. Cover crop also protects and enhances the quality of the Ocean Mist soil. Careful management of irrigation activities prevents nutrient runoff and keeps nutrients where they are needed. And soil management is just one component in the growing process.

Fresh Origins specializes in micro-greens and edible flowers. The family owned farm carefully harvests daily to order and waters by hand, and is especially proud of being accountable for food safety. Their facility is audited several times a year by third party USDA trained inspectors. Fresh Origins utilizes special screening to exclude pests from their greenhouses, as well as using sticky tape insect traps to minimize the need for spraying. Whenever spraying is necessary, safer materials such as garlic, clove and rosemary oils are used.

Produce supplier, GreenLeaf, puts people at the center of their core values. GreenLeaf maintains longstanding relationships with over 500 local growers, which helps small scale farming remain a viable way of life in California. They also take pride in supporting the local economy while providing clients like Paul Martin’s with the freshest seasonal produce. They maintain active affiliations with Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE) and Eco Farm.

These are just a few examples of the dedicated California growers and suppliers that Paul Martin’s American Bistro chooses to work with to maintain the integrity of their food while staying true to their mission. Guests perusing the menus at Paul Martin’s Roseville restaurant, El Segundo restaurant, and Paul Martin’s American Grill Irvine restaurant will see the same commitment to procuring the freshest and most thoughtfully produced meats, cheeses, breads, wines and spirits of the area. These purveyors are willing to put in the extra work to produce food in a responsible and respectful way, and Paul Martin’s is one restaurant that truly appreciates it.

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