PizzaRev Heats Up Summer with BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza

PizzaRev Heats Up Summer with BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza

PizzaRev Heats Up Summer with BBQ Pulled Pork PizzaBarbeque lovers can now enjoy tender and juicy pulled pork on their favorite thin crust pizza at PizzaRev. The Buffalo Wild Wings-backed build-your-own pizza shop will feature the BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza throughout July and August at its 27 open locations across California, Texas, Utah, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

The seasonal pizza starts with PizzaRev’s original homemade dough, proofed for 24 hours. After a swirl of sweet and savory BBQ sauce and a generous sprinkling of all-natural buffalo milk blend cheese, the pizza is topped off with 12-hour slow-smoked pulled pork that’s infused with a natural Applewood flavor. Freshly chopped red onions and jalapenos finish off the Roman-style thin and crispy pizza. Check out the limited time seasonal special here:

“The BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza features distinct barbeque flavors with fall-off-the-bone pulled pork,” said Nicholas Eckerman, COO and co-founder of PizzaRev. “It’s a perfect summertime treat for guests who crave their favorite barbeque but want to skip the hours of grilling in the backyard.”

PizzaRev offers a completely customizable dining experience, empowering guests to craft their own perfect 11” pizza.

The process starts with the crust, either original or gluten-free. Guests then choose from four signature sauces, including a savory organic red sauce, a creamy white alfredo, and a spicy-sweet BBQ, and then top it off by choosing from a wide array of all-natural cheeses, meat and veggie toppings. Each pizza is fired to a perfect, Roman-style crispiness in less than three minutes in PizzaRev’s 900 degree stone-hearth oven.

PizzaRev is a “build-your-own” fast-casual pizza concept that has reinvented the way America eats its favorite food. Guests are empowered to fully customize a personal-sized 11″ pizza for one price. Homemade dough options, flavorful sauces, all-natural cheeses, and more than 30+ artisanal toppings, everything is on display at PizzaRev and assembled right before your eyes. The pizzas are then fired in a 900-degree, stone-hearth oven which produces a thin and crispy Roman-style pizza in just three minutes. Los Angeles-based PizzaRev was founded in 2012; the executive team possesses a combination of Fortune 500 operating experience and high-profile restaurant management.

PizzaRev is currently franchising and announced a strategic partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings in 2013. The company currently has 17 corporate restaurants and 10 franchise locations in operation, with additional franchises under development across Washington, D.C. and 12 states: CA, CO, MA, MN, MO, ND, NV, NY, OH, SD, TX and UT.

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