POSUSA’s New POS Directory Finds POS Systems & POS Dealers For Restaurants

POSUSA's New POS Directory Finds POS Systems & POS Dealers For Restaurants

POSUSA's New POS Directory Finds POS Systems & POS Dealers For RestaurantsPOS USA boasts in being the leading POS company committed to serving merchants across the United States. Having earned themselves a reputation for top-quality services, the company remains committed to meeting all the POS related needs of their clients and in line with this has announced the launch of their new POS directory which connects merchants with the best POS systems for their specific needs.

Announcing the launch of their new POS Directory, the spokesperson for the company, Jason Feemster said: “POS USA’s new comprehensive POS directory is the fastest way to locate a POS dealer near you and to find the perfect POS system company to work with based on the options the customer is looking for. POS USA is a leading POS company serving merchants since 2011. We were an online supplier of POS equipment and software, and with so many options on the market, we switched gears realizing there was higher need to help buyers find the perfect POS system based on their business needs and budget.  So we created a POS directory and developed a free tool with an algorithm that compares all the top POS systems and allows you to find the ideal solution for your business at the most affordable price!”

As part of their aim to connect buyers with the best POS company options for them, the company also offers a free listing to POS dealers, POS vendors and POS companies. Through the free listing provision, POS vendors, companies and dealers can get direct access to buyers who wish to utilize them locally or nationally thus boosting business and increasing their overall bottom line.

In addition to their free listing option as part of the launch of the new online directory, their website, www.posusa.com, also offers paid directory listing options. The paid directory listing option provides companies, vendors, and dealers with additional advantages including a wider and better audience reach, business promotion for more visibility and additional support to improve chances of success as part of the POS directory listing.

Adding to the directory which can be accessed via https://www.posusa.com/directory/, POS USA also offers a tool which can be used to compare POS systems, thus helping buyers make more informed decisions and saving them from extra costs. The POS systems comparison tool allows users to compare the top brand name POS systems in a few easy steps.

Having put a smile on the faces of users on their platform, POS USA has earned some accolades. A user of the platform left a review which reads, “Worked well for me searching for a POS system. I used the questionnaire through one of their partners when researching a POS system. I was very glad I went with their service because I was able to compare prices and had my choice from several vendors.”

POS USA is located at 2000 E Lamar Blvd #600 Arlington Texas 76006 or call them at 888-243-2831. For more information, visit their website or send an email to info@posusa.com