Quiznos Invests In Business And Brand For Long-term Growth

Quiznos, the pioneer of the toasted sandwich, today announced significant product improvements, enhancements to the customer experience, the launch of QRAVE Quiznos, its new branding campaign, and additional resources for franchise owners. This announcement is part of Quiznos’ larger, long-term strategy to elevate the profile of the brand globally and drive additional restaurant traffic for its franchise owners.

“Quiznos is a strong, financially healthy business that is poised for growth,” said Greg MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Quiznos. “Today’s announcement reinforces our commitment to continually improving the customer experience and providing our world-class franchise owners with the tools and resources necessary for success. We look forward to further investing in the brand, further investing in the business and continuing to serve our loyal customers with high-quality, great-tasting food at reasonable prices.”

Product improvements, based on research and a survey of thousands of consumers, include the introduction of Quiznos’ new “Better Than Ever” (BTE) menu which represents an exciting combination of old favorites and new tastes, made with artisan breads, only at Quiznos sauces and dressings, all-natural chicken, fresh sliced quality meats, natural cheeses and fresh vegetables. The recipes and the ingredients are higher quality and better tasting items. Additional customer experience enhancements include the remodeling of restaurants and new uniforms for Quiznos employees. To ensure a smooth transition, each restaurant was closed for a half day to allow for employee training on the new menu items and enhanced guest experience.

With new owners and a new board of managers in place, Quiznos has taken a holistic approach to enhancing its business and has made a significant capital investment to revamp all facets of the brand experience from corporate headquarters to the franchise.

“The BTE menu and enhancements have been a great success for our restaurant,” said Franchise Owner Erik Stromness, who participated in the BTE pilot launch. “We’ve seen sales increases week to week from the new ‘only at Quiznos’ products, higher-quality food choices and improved guest experience. The menu changes have also given us new ways to market our location locally. I love the changes and the plans for the future of Quiznos.”

QRAVE Quiznos is already being rolled out through a combination of national and local television, print and digital advertisements, as well as an aggressive direct marketing, public relations and social media engagement program, spotlights new Quiznos menu items and was designed to raise awareness and drive traffic into restaurants.

Quiznos also introduced new resources for franchise owners, including in-person and online continuing education programs and comprehensive guides for the implementation of the many BTE product and customer experience enhancements.

Denver-based Quiznos is a chain designed for today’s busy consumers who are looking for a tasty, freshly prepared alternative to traditional fast?food restaurants. With locations in 50 states and 25 countries, Quiznos is one of the nation’s premier quick?service restaurant chains and pioneer of the toasted sandwich, Quiznos restaurants offer creative, chef?inspired sandwiches and salads using premium ingredients. Quiznos was founded in 1981 by chefs who discovered that toasting brought out the best in every sandwich ingredient.  For more information, please visit www.quiznos.com.