RCano Events Becomes The First HACCP Certified Off Premise Catering Company in New York

RCano Events Becomes The First HACCP Certified Off Premise Catering Company in New York
RCano Events owner Robert Cano and Executive Chef Kert Eggers are preparing herbed heirloom cherry tomatoes and wild striped with lemon Verjus bass via sous vide.

New certification enables company to offer “sous vide” cooking method to clientele

RCano Events, a leading, full service catering and event planning company, will become the first off premise catering facility to become HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified in New York.  This certification will allow RCano to prepare dishes via “sous vide” style (also known as under vacuum seal), a scientific cooking method that has made its way from the lab to the kitchen.

While everyone can enjoy sous vide style dishes, not just anyone can use the sous vide cooking method. Any facility that cooks via sous vide is required to have an approved Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plan in place.  While select restaurants are becoming HACCP certified, this is something that is more common for bigger institutional caterers and industrial food companies.  This certification is especially uncommon for private off premise catering companies, putting RCano Events into a category of its own.

HACCP certification is a rigorous process.  Very specific procedures must be put into place to ensure that the meat is cooked to the correct temperature and then properly cooled down.  The FDA and local state health departments are involved on all levels, ensuring that every HACCP plan is mapped out—from farm to plastic bag to fork.

“We are thrilled to be HACCP certified and now able to offer sous vide dishes to our clients,” said Robert Cano, Owner and President of RCano Events.  “RCano Events is the first off premise catering company to do this in New York and it is a big accomplishment for our team. Sous vide is a technique that is practiced by some of the best chefs in the world, and we are happy to bring that same five-star restaurant quality to our clients while keeping food safety top of mind.”

Initially seen in French fine dining in the 1970s, sous vide has made its way into high-end gourmet restaurants across the globeFood is placed into an airtight sealed bag and then cooked in a hot water bath. The precision of this scientific method allows for consistent dishes every time.  Sous vide style meals are moist, uniform in texture and extremely flavorful as they are evenly cooked inside and out.

With this new option, RCano Events will have an even more diverse pallet to offer clientele. Domestic Colorado Lamb Saddle & Potato Gratin and Halibut Osso are just a few of the dishes that will be available. The team at RCano Events recently prepared Braised Short Ribs and Chilean Sea Bass via sous vide style for The New York State Appellate Court Judges Gala, Socrates Sculpture Garden and a private exclusive wedding with 1,200 guests.

RCano Events was founded by Robert Cano, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, which means he knows (and loves) food and has led the field in incorporating organic, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients. Robert and his team of expert chefs and event planners offer events that will help you exceed your wildest expectations.

Specializing in catering weddings corporate, outdoor and entertainment events, RCano Events partners with global companies and organization for high-end events and also help smaller businesses stage breath-taking trade shows, product launches, awards evenings, and galas. They currently operate cafes and concession stands at: Icahn Stadium & Sportime Tennis on Randalls Island, New Balance Track & Field Center at The Armory, and The New York Design Center.  For more info, visit: http://rcanoevents.com.