Restaurant Accounting Goes on Autopilot with New Orderly App

Restaurant Accounting Goes on Autopilot with New Orderly App

Ends the Manual, Time-Consuming & Dreaded Invoice Data Entry Process

Restaurant Accounting Goes on Autopilot with New Orderly AppOrderly ( announced the launch of Autopilot, the invoice accounting app designed to eliminate invoice data entry and automate accounting reports. It provides restaurant accountants with a faster, easier, and more consistent way to manage the line item detail created by dozens of invoices every week. Starting today, Orderly customers can use Autopilot to automatically create custom food categories, assign general ledger codes, and then export automated accounting reports.

Autopilot takes advantage of the growing small business trend of “do it for me” technology by outsourcing the tedious task of line-item data entry for invoices. With Autopilot accounting becomes oversight, not time-consuming data entry work.

Restaurant accountants spend hours managing and evaluating the details on dozens of invoices every week. Invoice entry, approval, and reporting require manual entering of line-item detail and following complicated processes just to create a simple report. And because of these manual processes, restaurants don’t get time-sensitive information about their food spend and price trends.

Orderly’s Autopilot app solves these problems by automatically capturing line-item detail when you upload invoice images using Orderly’s free Snap App. Restaurants simply snap a picture of the invoice with any smart phone or tablet and Autopilot then reads the line item detail and creates custom categories and general ledger reports based on the restaurant’s specifications. Accountants can access every invoice in an online file cabinet and export reports on their food categories and spend by general ledger code.

A major benefit of the service is also enhanced food spending reports. Owners, managers, chefs and accountants now have access to a real time food spending dashboard from the palm of their hand.  Authorized restaurant users can see price trends by item and food spend by supplier from their smart phone, tablet or PC. This has a major impact on managing food spend and getting the best deal, as daily price trends and spend are available.

“Managing invoice line-item detail, overall food spend, and understanding price tends is time-consuming and manual. Autopilot is the perfect app for my restaurants because it really does let me automate the entire invoicing process. I can now pull up my food spend and price trends at any time from any device.  And my accountant has never been happier,” says Mark Haidet, Orderly CEO and owner of two Atlanta-based restaurants.

The Orderly Autopilot app is restaurant accounting, simplified. Everything’s online. Everything’s automated. Your accountant will love this.

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Orderly is the #1 restaurant app for ordering, invoicing, and inventory. Orderly helps independent restaurants and chains automate the supplier purchasing process through innovative SaaS technology.  The result is online ordering, paperless invoicing, and painless inventory that save time, save money, and help restaurants get control of their food spend.

Managing food costs weekly saves Orderly’s clients on average tens of thousands of dollars a year while giving them better platforms, data, and reporting. To date, Orderly has processed $40 million in orders and $20 million in invoices for more than 1,500 restaurants throughout the United States.