Restaurant Consultancy Trendystia MRC Adds Trend-Vetting Methodology RoadMap7

Restaurant Consultancy Trendystia MRC Adds Trend-Vetting Methodology RoadMap7

National restaurant consultancy based in D.C. launches RoadMap7 methodology

Trendystia MRC released its RoadMap7 menu implementation and trend-vetting methodology, underpinned by three principles and four trend filters that can be applied for a more effective application of highly meaningful menu and dining trends. RoadMap7 is seen as the central discipline for further supporting established and emerging chains alike, with menu management, trend-vetting and menu training and rollout support. More information can be obtained at

“Restaurant executives and culinary leads can succeed in a tough competitive environment by more efficiently understanding and applying top food and dining trends, while providing a platform for discovery and innovation,” says Rick Zambrano, Trendystia MRC president. “When investors and internal stakeholders don’t equate the spend on menu initiatives with a return on the top line, the climate and compensation for restaurant executives can be adversely affected. RoadMap7 isn’t a service you can buy, but rather a system that can be applied to increase menu initiative return on investment across operating units.”

RoadMap7 and who can benefit

RoadMap7 consists of three fundamentals and four trend filters. The three principles are process orientation, strategic definition & focus and discovery. To those principles, a proprietary set of four filters are applied to help vet new ideas and information coming from trend-watchers, competitive data and media.

Organizations that can benefit:

  • Chains that have not seen required ROI on recent menu initiatives
  • Concepts that have reached maturity and have menus that are not on-trend
  • Emerging concepts that are just now setting up systems for menu innovation
  • Executives that want to increase same store sales attributable to menu rollouts and initiatives

“Given the advantage over more traditional approaches, Trendystia’s robust methodology, bolstered by research techniques, and its perspective honed in the fast-casual segment, should be very useful for restaurant executives across the country this coming year,” notes Zambrano.

Trendystia MRC offers menu management, trend-vetting, menu rollout and training support services. It additionally helps restaurant companies with specific tasks, including food cost validations, temporary menu- and training-related projects and profit optimization programs.

Restaurant executives can obtain more information at . Contact Trendystia to help attain the full potential of your core menu, new and LTO menu rollouts and trend-vetting process by emailing or calling 301.795.4978.

Trendystia MRC (Maryland Restaurant Consulting) helps multi-unit and multi-concept restaurant operators nationwide make the most of their menu planning, development and implementation processes. Additionally, the firm serves as an advisory for customer engagement programs. From its proprietary RoadMap7 trend-vetting & implementation process to food costing, menu rollout and training support, Trendystia’s highly-accessible menu management services and affordable rates make it a top choice for emerging and established restaurant companies, alike. Trendystia was started by Rick Zambrano, a D.C.-area native and 15-year veteran of the food industry. He started his career in the fast-casual restaurant segment in a high-visibility analytical role, and further strengthened his expertise through consulting, menu analysis, food-trend research and publishing.