Restaurant Consultant Reveals 80 Most Common Restaurant Mistakes

Restaurant Consultant Aaron Allen – who has represented more than 10,000 restaurants spanning six (6) continents and 45 countries – has just released his list of the 80 Most Common Restaurant Mistakes found among both independent and chain restaurants.

His list of common restaurant mistakes covers twenty (20) service mistakes; ten (10) exterior design and facilities issues; ten (10) interior design and facilities errors; twenty (20) menu design mistakes; and twenty (20) restaurant marketing mistakes. Allen also provides his firms recommendations on restaurant cost cutting ideas at the base of the list.

“Our clients have ranged from mom and pop restaurants with just $250,000 in annual revenue to global restaurant industry giants with revenues in excess of $12 billion. This list of the 80 Most Common Restaurant Mistakes isn’t inclusive of all that occurs, but it does represent those most frequently observed and universal across industry segments, geography and company size,” Allen said.

While the global business mood is still in the doldrums, Allen believes recessions can actually benefit the restaurant industry. “Among other things, recessions offer restaurants a good opportunity to recruit better staff, improve facilities, shore up their operations by fixing some of these common mistakes, and generally shine when the competition can’t afford to,” Allen added.

Aaron Allen’s full list of the 80 Most Common Restaurant Mistakes can be found on his website at:

Restaurant Consultant Aaron Allen is a third generation restaurateur who has lead complex and multi-disciplined consulting teams for some of the world’s largest restaurant chains and foodservice industry suppliers. He is a top drawing industry speaker, trusted analyst, and has been an industry source for media such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Rueters, and National Public Radio. Based in Orlando, Florida, Allen visits more than 300 restaurants annually and spends more than 300 nights per year in hotels with roughly one-third of his time spent abroad.

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