Restaurant Engine a Game Changer for Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant Engine a Game Changer for Restaurant Website Design

The days of poorly-designed restaurant websites may finally be coming to an end. Restaurant Engine has launched their restaurant website design solution, helping restaurants turn all of those hungry online visitors into customers.

What makes Restaurant Engine so appealing to restaurateurs is that it’s completely turnkey: Restaurants get stunning website design, hosting, a WordPress-powered back-end, and personal consultation, all packaged in an affordable monthly subscription model. There’s even a free trial so restaurants can take their new website for a test run.

“We collaborate with some of the most talented web designers in the industry (who normally charge thousands for a custom website design) to give restaurants a level of quality that creates more credibility for their business on the web,” says founder and lead web designer, Brian Casel.

For restaurants, boosting one’s credibility online really pays off. The Pew Research Center released a study showing that the Internet is the number one source people turn to for information about local restaurants. Another recent study shows 75% of visitors judge a website’s credibility based on the quality of it’s design.

Today’s restaurant customers aren’t only using their computers to surf the web. Smartphones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad account for a huge chunk of Internet traffic — especially when you consider most people searching for restaurants are already out and about using their mobile device. That’s why Restaurant Engine provides restaurants with a mobile website, built in, without the need for additional apps or setup.

“The feature I like most about Restaurant Engine is the mobile optimization and simplicity of setting up the site. Practically, everything is already there and one only needs to plug in their content,” says a user of the service.

Other features Restaurant Engine users can take advantage of include managing food menus, photo galleries, online reservations, events calendars, and more. Since it’s built on WordPress, the web’s leading content management system, it’s easy to add a blog and manage unlimited web pages.

Social media and search engine optimization (SEO) round out the product, giving restaurants all of the tools they need to market their business online and spur word-of-mouth promotion on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

Restaurants in search of a quality restaurant website design solution can learn more about Restaurant Engine and start a free trial by going to