Restaurant Marketing Magazine Summer Issue Sizzles

Duke Marketing Publishing, debuted its Summer Issue of Restaurant Marketing Magazine”, an online quarterly restaurant industry magazine which provides restaurant owners and operators, chef-rateurs (chefs who operate a restaurant), franchisees and marketing executives from the restaurant industry with timely solutions and strategies for marketing restaurants, today. The publication comes out quarterly and the summer issue is now available to view at

Restaurant Marketing Magazine, now in its second year, is distributed to over 3000 leaders in the restaurant industry.  The first issue debuted October 2010.  A portion of profits of each issue will be donated to the Restaurant Marketing Scholarship Fund set up by the publisher to encourage and educate the next generation of restaurant marketing and public relations professionals in the restaurant industry.

“There has never been a restaurant industry resource exclusively focused on marketing,” says publisher, Linda Duke, a twenty-plus year restaurant marketing expert and chief executive of Duke Marketing, LLC. “The days of having just good food to drive sales is over, and today the biggest challenge operators’ face is how to create awareness and drive sales,” she continued.  “We see our readership growing and know the content is what operators and marketers need right now!”

Restaurant Marketing Magazine features behind the scenes and stories of top marketers and public relations strategies from some of the best and brightest in the business. In the Summer Issue, famed chef and restaurateur, Cameron Mitchell is featured and explains how he markets his own restaurants today.

Olympic Philosophies is another summer sizzler of an article in the latest issue of Restaurant Marketing Magazine.  From Michael Phelps to Mary Lou Retton, their advice and ideas are terrific ways for restaurant marketers to take to heart.  “Our hope with Restaurant Marketing Magazine is to educate, entertain and provide ideas and case studies from successful restaurant brands and those companies and products involved in the restaurant and food industry to solve problems and provide insight to our readers,” says Duke.

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Restaurant Marketing Magazine Summer Issue Sizzles