Restaurant Marketing on YouTube: A Recipe for Video Success

A very common mistake in restaurant videos is to focus on purely delivering the marketing message, while failing to appeal to the audience’s need for entertainment or education. YouTube provides a perfect vehicle to both entertain and educate simultaneously in a visually stimulating way. A demonstration of a chef’s iconic dish executed through a simple yet inspirational recipe is favourable and your safest bet.

A recipe can really deliver a powerful marketing message. Recipes alone are driving content on some of the biggest food channels such as Sorted, Rosanna Pansino, and Laura Vitale. This engaging style of content provides useful information to the audience but it doesn’t have to be purely practical-based. The chef can also showcase the quality of his ingredients, his culinary skills as well as his personality and experience. Elements that will greatly enhance the marketing impact but in a more subtle and appealing way. However, the food industry doesn’t need to restrict itself to recipes; telling a story or talking about your philosophy can also work.

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