Restaurant Menu Software ‘eMenu’ Ready to Wave Goodbye to Traditional Paper Menus

Restaurant Menu Software, eMenu is ready to wave goodbye to traditional paper menus with its advanced features

It’s time to replace traditional paper menus with eMenu, which is the modernized restaurant menu software that incorporates advanced features to offer a great dining experience. No more delays in ordering with the latest interactive restaurant menu technology.

“Restaurants using the eMenu system have experienced an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, customer spending, and restaurant revenue by at least 10%”, according to the latest studies.

“The eMenu system is a simple, easy to use, modern digital touch screen computer or iPad with the restaurant’s menu on it. This wireless restaurant ordering system (ordering feature is optional) is gaining more popularity among restaurant owners due to its ability to attract a large number of customers with its cutting edge features. It is a fully customizable interactive menu with actual photos of the dishes displayed on a networked LCD screen located on each table or bar to offer customers a full range of ordering and interactive entertainment services. With this eMenu system, customers can order dishes in time and enjoy the entertainment until the food arrives”, says a spokesperson for

This digital restaurant menu will completely replace the traditional paper menus. With this modernized restaurant menu system, a customers waiting time will be minimized and waiter efficiency will increase. They can make use of the digital touchscreen computer and choose the best dishes according to their expectation. Like the printed restaurant menu, people can find informative details about the dishes in the visual display of the page. Its touchscreen display will not just offer detailed information about the food menu but displays high quality photographs of dishes too.

Another added advantage of eMenu system is that it is also a full entertainment system not just for children but adults too. It offers a wide range of entertaining activities like games, chat, Facebook, YouTube, WebCam, and much more. Now, restaurant owners can enhance their business productivity by making use of this interactive restaurant menu system which has proven to increase the revenue by at least 10%.

“Now, customers can even find the iPad restaurant menu system in some fine dining restaurants. The iPad menu system is designed to offer more convenience and comfort for customers with its portable and modernized features that are fully customizable for fine dining venues, wine bar, hotels, and high end sales catalogs”, adds the spokesperson.

About eMenu:

The latest restaurant software menu, ‘eMenu’ system is a simple, easy to use and modern digital touch screen computer or iPad which displays high quality photographs of dishes along with its detailed information and entertainment activities to add more spice to customer’s dining experience.

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