Restaurant Owner Invents a “Magnet” to Keep Customers

Restaurant Owner Invents a "Magnet" to Keep Customers

“Courtesy Charger” provides much needed service to patrons while promoting the restaurant

E-mails. Text messages. Conference calls. By mid-day the battery in your smartphone has lost half its juice. Come “happy hour,” the bars on your phone are gone, but your day isn’t over yet. You still have meetings to take. Calls to make. Luckily, your favorite local pub or restaurant is equipped with Courtesy Chargers, to recharge that phone battery while you re-charge yours!

“All of my customers carry cell phones,” says Courtesy Charger inventor Dale Perez. “But by happy hour the batteries are low, and customers either run in-and-out to their car chargers, or just give up and leave. I saw an opportunity to offer my patrons a service, promote my establishment, and keep customers in their seats.”

Perez says since installing Courtesy Chargers on his bar, he notices customers spending more time in their seats, spending more money. Hardly anyone leaves without commenting about how great an idea Courtesy Charger is.

Courtesy Charger is a small, self-contained bar-top charging station capable of charging up to five devices at a time. Courtesy Charger sits in the drink rail of a bar or the wall end of a booth and takes up less space than a six-pack of beer. The base of the charger is raised .25 inches off the surface of the bar or table to allow for spilled liquids to run off underneath. In addition to offering customers a courtesy charge of their mobile phone, Courtesy Charger offers restaurants a great promotional opportunity. Each unit includes a customizable 4×6 inch display billboard that is slotted for slide-in promotional cards.

Courtesy Chargers are now installed in more than 200 restaurants across Northern Ohio, including Progressive Field, Beef O’Brady’s, Rockne’s Restaurants, Chelsea’s, Texas Roadhouse and Olde 8 Tavern locations.

“Courtesy Chargers take up very little real estate on my bar tops,” said PJ, owner of Chelsea’s in Cuyahoga Falls. “Customers look for the slot to put money in, and are tickled when they learn the service is free. I have replaced all of my table tents with Courtesy Chargers.”

Courtesy Chargers cost $125.00 and include 3 interchangeable phone charging tips, 2 multi-purpose USB charging ports, a display billboard, and standard 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz power requirements. Units can be mounted with surface screws or with optional suction cups.

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Dale Perez