Restaurant Revolution Technologies Records Banner Year in 2015

Restaurant Revolution Technologies Records Banner Year in 2015

The San Diego-based technology and services company substantiates place in the restaurant industry.

Restaurant Revolution Technologies Records Banner Year in 2015Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT), a leading provider of order management, call center and technology solutions for restaurants helping them to manage and optimize their off-premises orders, had its most significant and successful year-to-date. Highlights from the past year include:

  • Company Growth – RRT grew dramatically during 2015, added numerous new restaurant chains, with its client base now including marquee brands such as Habit Gourmet Burgers, BJ’s Restaurants, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, and NYC-based fresh&co, to name a few. RRT closed the year with close to 20 highly respected Regional and National chains, which represent well over 1000+ locations. Many of these clients are considered some of the fastest growing and most highly respected brands within the industry.
  • Service Offering Expansion – Along with advancing its industry-leading technology solutions provided to the industry to support online, mobile and phone takeout ordering RRT introduced three new restaurant service lines: Customer Loyalty, Catering and Outbound Business Development. The end result is the most innovative, fully integrated series of solutions available within the industry.
  • Intellectual Property Portfolio Development – Adding to its technological leadership position, RRT secured it’s first of several patents filed with USPTO. This Patent is the first phase in allowing RRT to be the only company in the industry with the ability to provide its versions of real-time, customized menu and order management, providing RRT’s clients and their customers with a much more personalized and customized ordering experience. Five additional patents are waiting final review and approval.

The solutions offered by RRT provides an exceptional customer experience and empowers local restaurant management to focus on their core business – dine-in guests and the in-house customer experience. As such, interest in RRT’s complimentary technologies and services continues to skyrocket with new and existing clients looking to incrementally increase takeout revenues without sacrificing the dine-in guest experience or sales revenues.

“Throughout 2015, we have witnessed substantial growth in all areas of our business which is a testament to our team as well as our client partnerships,” said David Schofield, CEO at RRT. “Our ability to execute on our product and service offerings, and our continual operational evolution, directly impacts and correlates with our client’s growth as well as our own.”

RRT added numerous new clients during the past year, which includes some very well respected and fast growing brands both regionally and nationally. Having partners such as Habit Gourmet Burgers (one of the fasted growing and most well respected brands in the fast casual niche), Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar (considered one of the most exciting new and up and coming brands in the industry) and fresh&co (with a very strong and visible presence in the important New York City market) and other marquee brands that are either under contract or are currently in pilot programs, this has positioned RRT with excellent penetration within the industry and a nation-wide footprint. Due to the excellent value and service provided, RRT will continue to accelerate its growth and rapidly expand its reach in 2016 as well.

Concurrently to the client additions, RRT announced three new service lines: Customer Loyalty, Catering and Outbound Business Development. The addition of new technology and service offerings complements RRT’s current suite of services, which include its patented takeout order management software, supported by its integrated call center, online and mobile ordering platforms. Use of RRT’s full suite of services has provided a strong ROI to its clients.

RRT also secured it’s first of several patents on its groundbreaking Order Management system focusing on the forging of customer-specific data analyzed from order history, customer favorites and feedback from a customers’ social networks, which will then provide interactive and personalized custom-menu building on a real-time basis. The 9,105,041 Patent reinforces RRT’s innovative edge in regards to order management solutions, specifically as related to providing innovative, fully integrated solutions to support the fastest growing segment within the restaurant industry – off-premise ordering, no matter if the orders originate through phone calls, or through online and mobile platforms. This patent and others will continue to greatly enhance the positive return-on-investment RRT’s solutions provide to its clients, which include increasing the number of off-premise orders, increasing the average size of tickets, the off-loading of phone calls from restaurant staff and providing an enhanced overall customer experience. In addition to the newly awarded ‘041 Patent, RRT is awaiting final review and approval on other patents, which address: the ability to incorporate specific client business rules into its software to adjust customer pick up times based on volume; the ability to monitor and adjust when to send orders to the clients POS system based on volume and capacity issues; the ability to be an “air traffic controller” to manage, monitor and control orders (no matter if originating from a call, online or mobile device) from inception to successful completion and stepping in proactively to resolve problems; and provide a fully integrated platform supporting numerous different service lines into one common database and system, which then integrates directly into restaurant systems providing a seamless operation. RRT is firmly committed to expanding its position as the technological leader in the off-premise arena.

Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT) provides popular restaurant chains nationwide easy-to-implement phone, online and mobile takeout, order management, customer loyalty and catering solutions that enable restaurant operators to offer their takeout customers a consistently professional and delightful ordering experience where the customer rarely waits on hold, speaks to a friendly and knowledgeable menu-certified virtual waiter, and can be confident that the order is accurate. The turnkey, patented takeout order management software system provides a positive ROI by reducing operational costs, while increasing the number of orders and improving profits by leveraging the feature rich call center, online and mobile ordering platforms all integrated with top POS systems that service a majority of restaurant’s nationally.