Restaurant Scheduling Software Company Develops Free App For Customer Base

ShiftZen, a restaurant scheduling software company based in Durham, NC, is pleased to announce the release of the ShiftZen app. The app is available for download at the Apple iTunes store and offers a streamlined version of the website tailored towards on the move restaurant employees. ShiftZen created the app based on customer’s requests and feedback.

The ShiftZen app allows employees to check their schedule, request time off and swap shifts at the simplest level. The Restaurant Scheduling App also allows employees to communicate one on one or with groups (servers, managers, hosts, etc.). Managers can also communicate with staff as employees are alerted through push notification and text when a new schedule or message is posted. The app is an added value feature and will come at no additional cost to existing and new customers.

Restaurant Scheduling Software Company Develops Free App For Customer Base“The app is a real separation point and it will come at no additional charge to our customers, something our competitors cannot boast” said Peter Michaels, CEO of ShiftZen. “Our goal is to bring state of the art technology at the best price. This is yet another step in that direction.” he added.

ShiftZen is an independent software company in Durham, NC that serves as all-in-one employee scheduling solution helping restaurants save time and money. ShiftZen is web based and enables restaurants to dispense with the resource drain that comprises weekly scheduling. For more information, visit or call 919-404-9571.

Richard Averitte
Twitter @ShiftZenDotCom