Restaurant Social Media Made Easier with

Restaurant Social Media Made Easier with

Of all the tasks a restaurant owner has to deal with in the course of a day, social media tends to drop to the bottom of the list. In the minds of most restaurateurs, social media is one of those things they know “should” be addressed, but when it comes down to it, it’s one that can also be pushed off. So, most do, even though they know social media is a great way to grow their business and keep them connected with and in front of their audience.

My Restaurant Posts ( was founded for this very reason.

“We generally hear two things from restaurant owners,” explains Matt White, CEO of My Restaurant Posts. “Either they have no idea what to do with social media – what to say, when to say it, how it should be said; or they just don’t have the time to think about social media with everything else going on.”

My Restaurant Posts solves both problems. The monthly subscription service provides ongoing, relevant content suggestions for restaurants to post onto Facebook, Twitter or other social network, removing both the stress of knowing what to say and the time it takes to craft an engaging post.

“Social media is all about engagement,” says White. “The more engaged your audience is, the more likely they are to ultimately visit your establishment and spend money! We focus on engagement, which in turn drives that foot traffic.”

Post suggestions can range from cheering on the local high school football team to asking who likes Coke or Pepsi better, and from recipe links to healthy tips. These ongoing updates also allow for inclusion of specials and events at an individual restaurant or bar, which ensures the engagement remains personal. Using a proven mix of post types (text, images, links, videos) that have shown to increase engagement and improve the bottom line, My Restaurant Posts provides restaurant owners with exactly what to post.

With three affordable subscription levels, starting at just $29 per month, restaurant owners can select the option that’s right for them. With the Silver Plan, subscribers receive an email every other day with “today’s post” suggestion, which can be cut and pasted right into Facebook or other social network. The Gold Plan provides post suggestions daily, giving the restaurant owner fresh, relevant content to push out every single day for just $49 per month.

At the Platinum Plan level ($99 per month), My Restaurant Posts actually pushes the posts out to Facebook each day on behalf of the restaurant. Owners just provide administrative rights to their Facebook page, and My Restaurant Posts adds relevant updates every day, posted at the ideal time each day.

“Our goal is to help restaurant owners feel good about social media, not to avoid it,” says White. “At the $29 and $49 levels, we remove about 95 percent of the stress and time involved with social media for less than a couple dollars a day. For Platinum subscribers, we get rid of all of it by doing the posts for them every day.”

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