Restaurant Trends 2013 – Why Today is Yesterday for a Restaurant

Your success begins with trends. Not today’s. Tomorrow’s.

Change is accelerating faster than ever. And never before has this been clearer: restaurant success favors those who innovate. Those perceived to be original-not by knowing the trends but by creating them-are those who leapfrog ahead.

While a trends list might not seem as actionable as promotional tactics, here’s what you need to do: Get where the market is going. When? Before the consumer or your competitor even knew it was where they wanted to be.

Want some examples? Check out the slide show below.

Four Reasons to Be Ahead of Trends

1 Profitability

Ever try to build your business with discounting? It’s quicksand. An innovative product, however, reaps premium prices and higher margins.

2 You’re buzz-worthy.

Journalists are eager to report on new technologies, trends and innovations. Stories of early adopters catch on. They snowball. And sometimes, like in the case of the Kogi Korean Barbeque Truck, stories of early adoption propel a restaurant into a billion dollar category.

3 Success is a Magnet.

By innovating, you not only build on the results, you build on your perception. The brightest want to work with you; the media wants to write about you. Investors, franchisees, partners, your success attracts the best.

4 You Get a Bigger Piece of the Pie.

Trend-savvy restaurants are market share leaders. Complacent restaurants are often left behind. We know you know it, but here’s a humble reminder: It’s imperative to commit to an innovative mindset.

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