Restaurant Wine Training Made Simple with has launched their online wine education program, aimed to aid restaurants and their employees with the necessary knowledge to motivate servers, increase wine sales, and ultimately increase restaurant profit.

Local restaurateur and CEO, Mathieu Choux, recognized that the continually growing expectation for an exceptional dining experience was falling short due to a lack of basic wine knowledge amongst the staff. In an effort to increase staff knowledge and motivation, Choux created the website and training program, an easy and low maintenance way for
companies to further educate their associates with current wine knowledge
and proper technique.

Restaurant Wine Training Made Simple with

Mathieu Choux

Providing lively videos and animation, the program breaks down the material into accessible sections, which are neither intimidating nor boring; topics such as wine pairing, principal grape descriptions, and other general wine knowledge. The chapters and assessments aim to assist servers in creating and maintaining a friendly disposition, perfect the art and skill of flawless bottle presentation, and gain the ability to confidently, accurately and effectively discuss a restaurants wine list to ensure an excelling customer experience. provides a number of monthly subscription options to fit varied restaurant sizes and locations, ranging from 5 employees to 30+ restaurant locations. Once registered, managers can easily link employees via email or SMS messaging with a registration code, allowing managers to view employee progress and assist when needed. Employees will watch videos, participate in lessons, and pass assessments, all leading to a thorough certification.

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