Restaurants cook up ways to muffle the noise

Liza Cruze would love to put a plaster ceiling in Salt of the Earth, the Garfield restaurant that she, her husband Doug and chef Kevin Sousa hope to open next month.

“Visually, that’s exactly what I would want in there, but we can’t do it because I know it’s going to be too loud,” she said.

The guerrilla dinners that Mr. Sousa held in the industrial Penn Avenue space last summer have helped guide the Cruzes, both architects, as they finish designing the restaurant.

“It was unbelievably loud,” Ms. Cruze said. “What those trial dinners showed us was that the space was all hard surfaces.”

Restaurants that are too noisy are a common customer complaint. Especially in a city with an older population, diners often express frustration with restaurants where they love the food, but can’t hear their companions.

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