Restaurants Crack Down On Food Pics

Attention, foodies: Restaurant owners are asking you to stop snapping photos of your gourmet brie cheeseburger with truffle oil-drenched fries.

The days of simply dining and enjoying have changed. More and more restaurant-goers are pulling out their smartphones or digital cameras and taking photos of elaborate entrees and dishes at New York City restaurants.

This growing trend is commonly known as foodstagram, a photo taken on a cellphone and quickly posted online.

“With the advent of social media, it just became that people like food porn,” said Steven Hall, PR representative for Bouley restaurant. “People really love looking at pictures of food.”

Some restaurants are cracking down on snap-happy guests. The New York Times reports that owners of upscale restaurants like Fat Duck, Le Bernardin and Per Se “discourage flash photography” by their guests.

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