Restaurants Stay Engaged by Capturing Customer Feedback

Restaurants Stay Engaged by Capturing Customer Feedback

Every restaurant evaluates its performance around its customers and their satisfaction. Happy customers spread the good word about your service and get you more business, while those dissatisfied by your service often become instrumental in ruining your reputation in the market. Although it seems like an inevitable cycle of action and reaction of the market, you can actually intervene and take control of the outcomes by listening to your customers.

According to an Empathica blog post written by Gary Topiol it was found that in restaurants, the right moment to listen to your guests is before they leave the restaurant. The guests who are satisfied with your service would readily leave a feedback without much persuasion. Their willingness in leaving a feedback, signals their level of satisfaction.

Every customer feedback, be it good or bad, can be helpful in improving your business conduct. With a little technological intervention, you can gather guest reviews more efficiently, and combine the information into actionable data to analyze your business’s performance. The key to effective review capturing lies in the ease of customers in leaving a feedback.

Feedback via text messaging provides several key benefits that often gets missed during other feedback methods.

  • For example, SkyFeedback provides a real time communication between restaurant managers and customers. Think about it, when guests have an issue or a question, they can ask it immediately by sending SMS from their cell phone. Restaurant receptionists  receive  feedback from customers instantly.
  • All communication is done privately, customer phone number is hidden for guests privacy concerns.
  • It is also a two-way communication. Guests send their feedback and businesses are able to respond to each message in real time.

SMS is a very comfortable medium for your customers to send you feedback without any hassle. With an innovative SMS communication solution like SkyFeedback, business managers can further simplify and automate the process of gathering and consolidating the customer reviews. The information gathered from the feedback and suggestions can be used to improve your brand’s performance and your customers’ overall experience with your business.