RestaurantZone Hiring Platform Rapidly Expanding Nationwide

RestaurantZone Hiring Platform Rapidly Expanding Nationwide

RestaurantZone Hiring Platform Rapidly Expanding NationwideFrom small towns in the mountains of Colorado to the streets of New York City, to the warm beaches of San Diego, to downtown Boston, The Restaurant Zone has been consistently delivering hires for restaurants and hotels all across the nation. The tech company and hiring platform has been used by all sorts of concepts, from small mom and pop operations to large corporations. All this with the goal of helping companies hire candidates and battle employee turnover — a persistent problem in the industry.

“I can’t tell you how many times I hear companies struggle with hiring and sometimes how they ‘needed hires yesterday,'” explains CEO Matthew W. Rodgers. “Getting quality staff isn’t an easy task either. It takes effort, time and resources. But knowing that The Restaurant Zone has your back with this tough problem is just one less thing to worry about.”

In general, the 2017 hiring environment for the restaurant and hospitality industry seems to be very active. According to The Restaurant Zone’s analytics, the beginning of January 2017 showed that 37.2% of users were searching for management & senior level candidates. In April, this number had increased to 45.8%. Meanwhile, the search for hourly workers had a significant shift from 28.8% in the beginning of the year to 48.8% in April.

“This pattern is pretty typical. As spring and summer approaches, hiring generally begins to really ramp up,” said Rodgers. “Hiring activity seems to be pretty healthy in general and I remain optimistic for the industry on a whole. Many of our clients are expanding and pushing out new hiring initiatives, which is exciting and positive to see. We will continue to monitor these patterns closely as time goes on to see how things progress on this front.”

But how can an algorithm find the perfect candidate? “We’re not at a place where a robot or a machine learning program can identify that,” Rodgers said. “But when you combine technology, along with the human eye that’s where I believe the magic happens. We use our technology to indicate, ‘here are your five people that are top notch’ but at the same time, we have real people looking at the resume or texting or shooting an email to the candidates, saying ‘here’s what’s out there, here’s something that could be a fit for you.’ You need both. I’m a big fan of keeping that personal touch, a lot different than typical restaurant job boards.

The Restaurant Zone’s clients range from corporate HR teams, recruiting agencies, to restaurant owners for whom staffing requirements are always a top priority. “Professional and reliable talent is essential for our clients. That’s why they come to us in the first place,” notes Rodgers. The Restaurant Zone vets and helps users select restaurant staff to ensure the new talent is consistent and up to performance standards.

The Restaurant Zone’s hiring platform now has one of the largest candidate pools of hospitality talent nationwide. As of 2017, The Restaurant Zone is now offering a variety of new solutions tailored to the different hiring needs of clients.

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