Restaurateurs in the Metro-DC area to access innovative marketing and menu support services March 2015

Restaurateurs in the Metro-DC area to access innovative marketing and menu support services March 2015Arlington native returns to DC area to support restaurants with value-based, tech-leveraging approach to consulting

My crfm consulting is readying the launch of a marketing+menu+food membership program that brings affordable advisory and referral services to restaurateurs in the DC area. Rick Zambrano, an Arlington, Va.-native and menu trend consultant who now lives in Suburban Maryland, has launched the my crfm for restaurants ( service in Metro-DC so that restaurateurs can access a value-based consultancy, powered by 25 years of marketing and food business expertise, to strengthen and grow their restaurants.

It is through a collaboration with heavy-hitting vendors already operating in the DC-area that my crfm is able to bring the consulting program to restaurateurs. The simple and streamlined monthly service, available at connects restaurateurs with weekly menu and marketing advice, as well as a reputation report, a marketing program evaluation and menu design analysis. These services are designed to boost and optimize their profits. In addition, once enrolled, restaurateurs can have experts review their food purchasing program for eligibility in a food purchasing program and ongoing savings.

My crfm simplifying the complex business of restaurants in DC, Maryland and Virginia

The restaurant business is undoubtedly a complex undertaking. For many restaurateurs, accessing strong marketing and menu support is not easy, or it may cost more than the restaurateur can afford. Having a risk-free system where the investment is low and consultancy-level service is provided weekly and year-round can be a first-step in boosting local success rates. For approximately the average price of two entrees in a casual-dining restaurant ($50 or less per week), restaurateurs would have the benefit of weekly consulting in which technology has tremendously helped reduce the fees to a real-world, affordable rate.

“With more than a half-dozen restaurants closing in my neighborhood in the last year, I was compelled to bring this program to restaurateurs,” says Zambrano, who gained most of his food experience in the New England area before returning to this roots.”

Heavy-hitting services support restaurateurs at most sales-volume levels

“My crfm is the restaurant consultancy that distinguishes itself from the typical consultancy,” Zambrano adds. Restaurateurs never have to write checks larger than a couple hundred dollars, and much of the risk of the relationship is transferred to the consultant. In that respect, and through the use of technology, the program is very unique and effective.” The unique program offers its client-members:

  • a marketing hotline to provide menu development and marketing advisory
  • a marketing program evaluation
  • a menu design analysis and ongoing menu recommendations through the hotline
  • a complimentary reputation report
  • a group purchasing organization for those who qualify
  • a growing network of services and local providers

Complimentary trial for restaurateurs

Restaurateurs with annual sales volumes of $100,000 to $5 million can learn more about the scalable program at For a limited time, restaurateurs can try the program for a month on a complimentary basis.

“I grew up in Arlington around many independent and ethnic restaurants,” says Zambrano. “It’s important that we continue supporting these hard-working restaurateurs in a very local and common-sense way. Supporting them is not just a matter of community economics, but it’s just good business if we want our markets to reflect our diversity, value, and culinary genius.”

My crfm consulting for restaurants is an innovative, membership-based program that takes the core elements of growth strategies and bundles them to provide year-round support for restaurants. Through the use of technology, most consulting for preferred (tier 1-level) members is done through the phone, but is provided during the entire month. Platinum (tier 2) and gold (tier 3) client-members are able to have additional in-person consultations. Restaurateurs in Washington, D.C., Suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia can learn more about membership and the different membership levels at

Gold client-members retain a business coach through My crfm Gold to help with more customized solutions to grow the restaurant business. My crfm Gold exactly replicates a Pennsylvania consultancy program that has consistently delivered growth of more than 4-percentage points above the national average comp rates to its existing members.