Revention Prepares Release of Next Generation HTML5 Restaurant Online Ordering Solution

Revention, Inc. is preparing for the release of HungerRush 3.0, the third generation of Revention’s online ordering solution.  HungerRush 3.0 will be one of the first online ordering websites developed using HTML5.  The core concept of HTML5 is to easily integrate multimedia and graphical content on the internet without the use of flash or plug-ins.  Additionally, HTML5 is able to be consistently understood by computers and mobile devices, making it a potential candidate for cross-platform mobile applications.

A challenge for all web designers is keeping up with the continuously evolving browsers and ensuring their website functions and appearance are consistent across multiple platforms.  All major browsers are in the process of adapting to HTML5 specifications; this will make the website look consistent across all of them.

HungerRush 3.0 will offer an enhanced user interface and be touch screen friendly.  Other features include enhanced mapping, current location access, and additional menu configuration features, all of which were designed to improve the customer experience.

“I am extremely excited about offering our HungerRush clients the ability to custom theme their own HungerRush sites,” states Jennifer Johnson, the HungerRush Product Manager.  “In the past we would internally design the scheme and do our best to match their home site; now our customers can customize almost every component of their online ordering site.”

HungerRush 3.0 is the exclusive, integrated online ordering solution to Revention point of sale.  Due to the increasing demand for HungerRush online ordering, Revention offers an affordable PCI compliant single unit online ordering solution for locations that do not have the Revention point of sale.

The beta release of HungerRush 3.0 is expected to hit mid–September 2012, with new locations coming online as early as October 1.

Revention is the leading developer of complete, customizable restaurant management solutions designed to streamline the way restaurants do business. Revention’s offerings include point-of-sale solutions, HungerRush™ integrated online ordering, and Revention Enterprise. Revention’s goal is to provide a complete solution that includes customized installation, training, technical support, and much more.  For additional information, go to