Rightsify Introduces Branded Music Apps and Online Radio Stations for Restaurants

Rightsify Introduces Branded Music Apps and Online Radio Stations for RestaurantsFollowing the launch of Rightsify FM for Hotels, Rightsify is today rolling out Rightsify FM for Restaurants globally.

Starting today, restaurants anywhere in the world can have their own fully branded music app and online radio station. From single-location restaurants to globally franchised chains, having a music app and online radio station opens up new marketing opportunities and creates a deeper connection between customers and brand.

With Rightsify FM, Rightsify curates and designs exclusive custom playlists for restaurants based on their brand, style and location. With the service, a restaurants customers can see what music is playing in the restaurant at any time by simply opening the mobile application and can continue listening to a restaurant’s music playlists when they’re on the go.

In addition to custom music curated and designed specifically for restaurants, restaurants can also insert marketing messages and announcements into their music playlists. For example, to promote new menu items or specials. This can also be done within the application via push-notifications.

Rightsify FM also has optional integrations and add-ons available for restaurants, from online and mobile food ordering, to reservations, live chat and loyalty rewards, thus creating additional revenue streams and time-saving benefits for restaurant managers.

The mobile music applications are built for both Android and iOS, thus covering 99% of the global smartphone market.

The online radio stations can be used as a standalone website for a restaurant or embedded onto a restaurants main website where customers can listen anytime, anywhere in the world, on any device.

Rightsify FM is available in every country worldwide and can be used from single location restaurants to globally franchised chains. Now for the first time ever, restaurants everywhere in the world have the ability to create their very own branded music experience both in their restaurants and online.