RobotLAB Enhances Restaurant Experience for Guests and Staff With Launch of Revolutionary Robot Systems

RobotLAB Enhances Restaurant Experience for Guests and Staff With Launch of Revolutionary Robot Systems
RobotLAB Debuts Robot on Call and ServeSwift Systems to Improve Restaurant Experiences for Staff and Guests

Leading Robotics Company Debuts Efficiency-Boosting Robot on Call and ServeSwift Systems

RobotLAB Enhances Restaurant Experience for Guests and Staff With Launch of Revolutionary Robot SystemsRobotLAB, an award-winning robotics integrator that delivers impactful business innovations and solutions for companies across many industries, is proud to debut a pair of automated systems to transform robotics integration in restaurants: Robot on Call and ServeSwift. Developed by RobotLAB’s team of pioneering roboticists, Robot on Call is a first-of-its-kind, fully automated, robot-compatible smartwatch that allows servers and bussers to remotely summon robots to any destination in the restaurant. ServeSwift is an accompanying system that gives guests the ability to assign robots to their table via a QR code for simplified routing, bussing and meal delivery. Whether integrated together or individually, RobotLAB’s new Robot on Call and ServeSwift systems have been thoughtfully designed to improve efficiencies and streamline operations at restaurants.

“For nearly 20 years, RobotLAB has partnered with the best of the best in robotics to improve operational practices for business owners and their employees, and now, thanks to the considerable talents of our Research & Development team, with Juan Davila as the main developer on the project, we are proud to introduce our own revolutionary robot systems that expedite communication and operations for restaurants,” said Elad Inbar, Founder and CEO of RobotLAB. “Our cutting-edge Robot on Call and ServeSwift systems make it significantly easier for restaurant staff and guests to work with robots by providing them with easy-to-use technology that greatly improves employee operations and enhances the guest experience.”

Compatible with all delivery robots in the RobotLAB product line, the groundbreaking Robot on Call and ServeSwift systems elevate operational efficiencies and conditions for employees and guests. The first-of-its-kind Robot on Call smartwatch allows servers to send robots to tables from anywhere in the restaurant, expediting the delivery and bussing process and removing the requirement for servers to program destinations from the robot’s built-in tablet. ServeSwift’s at-table QR code system allows customers to notify kitchen staff of their location, and it directly communicates with restaurant robots to ensure orders are delivered to their correct destination – a feature particularly beneficial in quick-serve restaurants with large footprints and numerous tables. RobotLAB’s Robot on Call and ServeSwift systems streamline communication and operations between kitchens, diners and servers, giving restaurant staff more time, energy and focus to deliver an unforgettable guest experience.

“Restaurant operators and servers aren’t available to resolve technological issues between the kitchen, guests and robots, especially during peak hours when restaurants are crowded and orders stream in through phone and online platforms,” said Anna Sandler, Lead of Research & Development. “Communication misfires and service delays often result in guest dissatisfaction, so we tethered the creation of these new robot-to-table and robot-calling systems to improving guest experiences and building customer loyalty.”

ServeSwift and Robot on Call follow the recent launch of RobotLAB’s Robot Control AI, an in-house, AI-integrated software that debuted in April for widely used humanoid robot Pepper. Robot Control AI can be tailored to meet the needs of banks, hospitals, assisted living centers, cannabis retailers, hotels and more. Underscored by a variety of recent introductions, RobotLAB’s unwavering commitment to developing supplemental technologies for its robotics portfolio is stronger than ever as the trailblazing company continues to innovate and deliver new ways to solve operational inefficiencies.

Since its founding in 2007, RobotLAB has provided turnkey robotics solutions to companies of all sizes in industries including foodservice, hospitality, banking, education, assisted living, cleaning, delivery and hospitals. The company’s talented team of roboticists has effectively deployed more than 10,000 robots that have provided an impressive array of businesses with a clear path to the successful and highly specialized integration of robotics solutions. RobotLAB oversees all aspects of the robotics integration process – from sales, tailored programming, onsite integration and repairs – to ensure businesses can access and understand solutions that will dramatically improve their performance.

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Since 2007, RobotLAB has guided businesses to dramatic bottom-line increases by helping them harness and leverage the immense power of automation. Catering to an array of economically critical industries that span education, finance, healthcare, delivery and hospitality, RobotLAB provides robotic business solutions that improve ROI and enhance the user experience. With a multitude of in-house teams and department specialists, the company remains focused on a seamless integration process that begins with an in-depth assessment of client needs. Sales and delivery experts ensure proper product immersion while implementation and installation professionals ensure peak performance. In a world replete with business uncertainties, RobotLAB ensures operational consistency through technology. In 2023, RobotLAB launched the first robotics integration franchise program to best serve growing demand for robotics across the U.S. in nearly all business sectors. To franchise with RobotLAB, visit