Rodizio Grill’s Wild Game Fest Promises an Unforgettable Dining Experience

Rattle Snake Sausage, Bison Chili, Korobuta (Japenese Wild Boar)! These are just a few of the Wild Game Fest meats that have graced the menu at Rodizio Grill’s restaurants for 15 years. Every year Rodizio Grill puts together a daring menu that tests the taste buds of guests walking though their door. This year, Wild Game Fest will be running from October 1-31 during dinner hours.

“Wild Game Fest is one of our most popular promotional events that we do here at Rodizio Grill,” stated Founder and President Ivan Utrera. “We love exposing our guests to different meats that you don’t normally find in any other restaurant. Every meat we choose, when prepared properly, is exceptionally delicious. All a guest has to do is be daring enough to try it!”

Rodizio Grill is a Brazilian style steakhouse, or Churrascaria, that first became popular in the southern parts of Brazil. The concept quickly made its way to other areas of Brazil, including São Paulo, Brazil where Founder Ivan Utrera originates from. Each table is presented with a wooden cue, which upon turning it to green, allows the guest to enjoy unlimited fire-grilled meats perfectly seasoned and carved tableside by Brazilian Gauchos.

Rodizio Grill’s menu originates from cherished family recipes from Utrera’s hometown and features unlimited appetizers, over 30 gourmet salads and a wide variety of homemade desserts that make for an unforgettable dining experience. Guests can indulge in Brazilian favorites like Pao de Queijo (Cheese Bread), Couve (Sautéed Collard Greens and Bacon), Picanha (Top Sirloin) and Lime Pie, just to name a few. During the month of October, guests can include Wild Game Meats to the already extensive menu.

“Wild Game Fest is a fun and festive occasions that we hold here at Rodizio Grill,” David Knighton, Director of Development, stated. “We are especially excited this year as some of our newer locations will be hosting Wild Game Fest for their first time. This will truly be an exciting event as we provide those communities the opportunity to come out and try new and exciting wild meats.”

Wild Game Fest will be happening during dinner hours at participating locations from October 1-31. Wild Game meats are in addition to Rodizio Grill’s extensive menu, for no additional cost, and are only available during the promotion. Wild Game Fest meats may vary per location. For locations, pricing and hours of operations, guests can visit