Roland Dickey, Jr. Weighs in on Five-Store Deal with Veteran Carl’s Jr. Operators In Washington

Roland Dickey, Jr. Weighs in on Five-Store Deal with Veteran Carl's Jr. Operators In Washington

Roland Dickey, Jr. has sent his personal congratulations to new franchise partners launching Dickey’s Barbecue restaurants in Washington, expanding the company to new neighborhoods

Roland Dickey, Jr. Weighs in on Five-Store Deal with Veteran Carl's Jr. Operators In WashingtonRoland Dickey, Jr. has had a busy year in 2015, but his personal engagements on the conference circuit have not deterred him from continuing the aggressive growth of his Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. franchise business, which now offers Texas-style barbecue nationwide in over 520 locations.

He has recently sent his personal congratulations to the owners of five new franchises agreements throughout Eastern Washington in the Spokane region, all of which plan to offer incredible opening events to introduce the product to their communities.

“We were ready to diversify our portfolio and after speaking to other Dickey’s Owner / Operators, we knew it was the right choice,” says new Owner / Operator, Mark Engberson. “With hard work, delicious, quality food and community spirit, we plan to earn our guests’ loyalty and we look forward to bringing Texas barbecue with a side of southern hospitality to our community.” Already Engberson’s store in Spokane has won first place in the “Best of Spokane 2015” barbecue division. The store’s team will receive the award at the October 16 event located at the Lincoln Center.

A spokesperson for Roland Dickey Jr. explained, “Roland has passed on his personal congratulations to both Mark Engberson and the Palouse Restaurant Group”: “The residents of Spokane got their first Dickey’s Barbecue Pit more than two years ago, and since then our authentic slow-smoked Texas barbecue has been very well received,” said Roland Dickey, Jr. CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. “We congratulate Mark and the team at Palouse Restaurant Group and can’t wait to help them get started on their new stores.”

Roland Dickey Jr. is Chief Executive Officer of Dallas-based Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc., expanding the company from 20 to over 500 restaurants in 10 years after inheriting the business from father Roland Dickey, Sr. Roland practices leadership in every action, and tours the country helping franchisees learn lessons from the Dickey’s journey to becoming one of the country’s fastest growing chains. For more information please visit: