Round Table’s New “Clubhouse” Concept Serving Up Sizzling Sales

Round Table's New "Clubhouse" Concept Serving Up Sizzling Sales

Round Table's New "Clubhouse" Concept Serving Up Sizzling SalesRound Table Pizza’s new “Clubhouse” concept has brought a whole new level of entertainment and experience to its customers, and is generating robust sales results in restaurants remodeled to the format. “We’ve been remodeling a number of our standard Round Table locations, and seen solid sales increases,” says Sr. Vice President of Development Ted Storey. “But the locations converted to the new Clubhouse format have achieved even better results. In 2015, the average unit volume of a Clubhouse was $1,450,594 compared to $981,335 for a traditional Round Table.”

What’s a Clubhouse? Well, the name was chosen for Round Table’s newest variation on the pizza parlor concept because it’s a broadly appealing gathering place that features “pizza-pub-play” options, as its sign states. The Pizzas are what made Round Table famous, with a variety of flavorful toppings, dough made fresh daily and high quality cheese, all proof points of their long-standing slogan “The Last Honest Pizza.” The Pub refers to a bar area with local craft beers on tap and great-tasting appetizers, that has become a destination in itself. And Play is provided by a large redemption arcade area for the kids and live sporting events on big screen TV’s for everybody.

“Round Table has been synonymous with family togetherness since our founding 57 years ago,” explains Rob McCourt, President and CEO of Round Table. “We developed the Clubhouse concept to provide an even more enjoyable experience for our guests of all ages, with an open layout that gives kids the chance to play and their parents a place to relax and enjoy a game on TV while we bake their favorite pizza. And when we bring that pizza to the table, it’s family togetherness time. That’s what we’re all about.”

The Clubhouse has also expanded on the popular Round Table menu of specialty pizzas–like the King Arthur’s Supreme, Maui Zaui and Gourmet Veggie–to include half-pound Harris Ranch burgers, beer-battered French fries, sliders, Ulti-Wings in a variety of sauces, and desserts. “We’re finding that this kind of variety gives guests reasons to come in more often, and they are,” says McCourt. “We can serve as a sports bar, a destination for large group gatherings and, of course, a great source for carry-out or delivery pizzas too.”

Round Table is the premier West Coast pizza franchise, with over 450 restaurants in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii, including 70 company-owned outlets. Of these, 14 locations are under the Clubhouse brand, with another 14 anticipated to open by Q1 2017.

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Round Table's New "Clubhouse" Concept Serving Up Sizzling Sales