Roy Rogers Introduces Multigrain Rolls

Roy Rogers Restaurants announced today that they will offer a multigrain roll option to guests for any of their sandwiches at no extra cost. The multigrain roll is currently in product testing at three locations, and will be available at all locations on May 21, 2012.

As consumers look to healthier food options for their families at home and away, restaurants are looking for ways to provide nutritious alternatives that still deliver exceptional taste and value. Roy Rogers’ new multigrain roll contains 11 percent fewer calories, 20 percent less fat, 19 percent lower carbohydrates, and 21 percent lower sodium than its Kaiser roll.

“This new multigrain roll option is consistent with Roy Rogers’ message of choice, and the versatile nature of a brand that offers burgers, chicken and roast beef,” stated Jeff Mulliken, Roy Rogers Director of Procurement. “That combined with the healthful quality of the multigrain product is a homerun for Roy Rogers, and more importantly, for our guests.”

Roy Rogers Restaurants is known in the industry for the “Triple Threat” — serving real USDA Choice roast beef, slow-roasted in each location, hand-breaded, fresh fried chicken, and great tasting burgers. Unique to Roy Rogers is its Fixins Bar, which features a dozen different condiments such as fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and jalapeƱos. In addition to lunch and dinner, Roy Rogers offers breakfast items such as cream-chipped beef, made-from-scratch pancakes, and crescent and sourdough sandwiches. Along with the famous Fixins Bar, restaurant amenities include a drive-thru window, flat screen TV, and free Wi-Fi connectivity.

Based in Frederick, Maryland, the Plamondon Companies own and operate 20 Roy Rogers Restaurants, and oversee 29 franchise locations in the Mid-Atlantic region. Visit Roy Rogers on the Web at