Ruffino’s Cracks Open LobsterFest for August

Ruffino's Cracks Open LobsterFest for August
Ruffino’s co-owner Ruffin Rodrigue
Lobster mushroom lollipops and ‘knuckle sandwich’ made from live Maine lobster among unique items available in 3 for $30 celebration of the succulent crustacean

Ruffino's Cracks Open LobsterFest for AugustRuffino’s Restaurant isn’t a subscriber to the notion that there can ever be “too much of a good thing.”

And that’s a very good thing, because it’s LobsterFest time again at Baton Rouge’s favorite fine dining establishment!

The award-winning restaurant is serving up a wide array of lobster-inspired menu items for the entire month of August for a price that’s simply too tasty to resist.

And because it’s Ruffino’s, you know that every dish features the tender meat of live Maine lobster steamed in our kitchen.

For just $30, guests may choose an appetizer and an entrée, and finish off their meal with Creole Bread Pudding, a New Orleans-style Bread Pudding with raisins and cinnamon served with a whiskey sauce.

Ruffino's Cracks Open LobsterFest for AugustThe LobsterFest experience begins with the following appetizer selections:

  • Lobster & Asparagus Bisque – Maine lobster in a cream-based soup with summer asparagus
  • Lobster Spring Roll – Maine lobster, avocado, asparagus, red onion and cilantro wrapped in rice paper and served with a ginger soy dipping sauce
  • Lobster Mushroom Lollipops – Mushrooms stuffed with Maine lobster, garlic and green onions and fried to a crispy finish

Ruffino's Cracks Open LobsterFest for AugustNext, choose one of the following seafood delicacies:

  • Lobster Filet – Live Maine lobster and shrimp mousse steak, served with asparagus and Béarnaise sauce
  • Lobster Stuffed Rigatoni – Maine lobster meat stuffed in house-made rigatoni, covered in a lobster cream sauce with herbs
  • Lobster “Knuckle Sandwich” – Maine lobster meat tossed with a creamy dressing in brioche bread, served with truffle fries

Better hurry though…LobsterFest lasts only through Aug. 31.

“As we have before, we wanted to give our guests a great incentive to brave the August heat, and what better way than with a special menu stuffed with lobster meat!” said Chef Peter Sclafani, Co-Owner and Executive Chef at Ruffino’s. “And at just $30 for a three-course meal, we figure you can come back multiple times to try each of the selections.”

A third-generation chef, Sclafani is widely regarded as one of the finest and most innovative chefs in Louisiana, if not the entire country. He has won multiple awards, including sharing the Louisiana Restaurant Association’s 2014 “Restaurateur of the Year” honors with his partner, Ruffin Rodrigue.

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Ruffino's Cracks Open LobsterFest for August