Ruffino’s Debuts Dry-Aged Steaks from New Himalayan Salt Room

Ruffino's Debuts Dry-Aged Steaks from New Himalayan Salt Room

New ‘Ruffino’s Prime’ menu features ribeyes, bone-in ribeyes, NY strips dry-aged 30 – 50 days

Ruffino's Debuts Dry-Aged Steaks from New Himalayan Salt RoomOne of Executive Chef Peter Sclafani’s mottos for Ruffino’s Restaurant is to “Make It Better Every Day.”

On Friday, April 1, steak lovers will savor the fruits of this commitment as Ruffino’s introduces its new steakhouse menu – Ruffino’s Prime – featuring ribeyes, bone-in ribeyes, New York strips and other prime cuts of beef that have been dry-aged on-premise for 30 to 50 days (following a minimum 30-day wet-aging process).

Ruffino’s Chef Gino Sclafani, Peter’s brother, recently took one of the restaurant’s meat coolers and installed new fans, humidity control equipment and a unique Himalayan salt wall, made from the same kind of salt blocks used to serve the restaurant’s signature Seared Tuna appetizer. The Himalayan salt absorbs moisture and kills unwanted bacteria in the air. During the dry-aging process, a crust forms on the outside of the steak, leading to a dehydrating effect that intensifies the flavor of the meat. Once the process is complete, the crust is removed, leaving a rich, dense and remarkably flavorful steak.

“Our beef-loving patrons will be blown away when they taste the steaks dry-aged in our Himalayan Salt Room,” said Chef Peter, co-owner of Ruffino’s. “They are unbelievably tender, and have a slight hint of nuttiness to them. We can’t wait to watch our guests sink their teeth into these incredible steaks.”

The new Ruffino’s Prime steakhouse menu will be like a restaurant within a restaurant. Guests may order from either the regular menu or the Prime menu, and even mix and match if they choose. And though the Prime promotion runs through April, the Himalayan dry-aged beef will be a permanent addition to the menus at both Ruffino’s Restaurant in Baton Rouge and Ruffino’s On the River in Lafayette.

“Not only is our new Ruffino’s Prime menu raising the bar for extraordinary steaks in Louisiana, but we think our guests will enjoy peering into the Himalayan Salt Room itself,” said Ruffin Rodrigue, co-owner of Ruffino’s. “And of course, we have some very special wines we recommend pairing with these dry-aged steaks.”

Steaks from the Prime menu are also available via Ruffino’s Catering.

Ruffino’s beef is personally selected by Chefs Peter and Gino Sclafani from state-of-the-art processing facilities that practice humane animal handling and use only specially selected corn-based feed. Brands include Creekstone Prime, Creekstone Natural, Certified Angus Beef and 1855.

For more information or to make reservations at Ruffino’s in Baton Rouge, call 225.753.3458 or visit

Ruffino’s Restaurant is renowned for introducing the signature “Creole meets Italian” cuisine of Executive Chef Peter Sclafani, a third-generation chef widely regarded as one of the finest and most innovative chefs in Louisiana, if not the entire country. Sclafani and Rodrigue have won multiple awards, including 2014 Restaurateurs of the Year by the Louisiana Restaurant Association. Chef Peter has twice been invited to showcase his culinary skills at the prestigious James Beard House in New York City. In addition to Ruffino’s in Baton Rouge and Ruffino’s On the River in Lafayette, the company operates Ruffino’s Catering at De La Ronde Hall in downtown Baton Rouge.