Saladworks introduces Interactive Allergy Menus by Gipsee

Saladworks introduces Interactive Allergy Menus by Gipsee

Gipsee, Inc. the leading maker of food allergy software for the restaurant industry, today announced the release of its Interactive Allergy Menu functionality for Saladworks. The Interactive Allergy Menu feature is a pop-up utility window that can be conveniently accessed by Saladworks customers on the restaurant chain’s main website under the ‘Allergen Menu’ label.

Using this function, customized by Gipsee for Saladworks, a customer, selects foods/ ingredients that they may be allergic to or wish to avoid for various reasons and immediately view menu options at Saladworks that do not contain those restrictions. Customers can choose from hundreds of combinations of items to be avoided including, but not limited to the major eight allergen groups.

The system performs a thorough last-ingredient level analysis on menu items and takes into consideration product aliases and derivatives. The system eliminates the need for restaurants to analyse menu items manually and “mark” them by major allergen groups. Other benefits include reduction of customer service inquiries regarding allergy and ingredient information from concerned customers.

Customers may also select Vegan or Vegetarian options and immediately see available choices from existing Saladworks menus.

“Food allergies are complex and manifest themselves in numerous combinations of ingredients making dining out a real challenge for customers so affected ” says Dilip Chopra, Gipsee’s co-founder “this tool is aimed at reducing the difficulties involved, while introducing an element of customization to the menu selection process”

The new Saladworks feature can be accessed at

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