San Diego Delicatessen Hits The Right Note

Since opening in 2005 this San Diego Delicatessen has hit the right note with customers. By combining excellent food with food catering this delicatessen has become a favorite with medical offices and corporations alike. The owner’s vision from the beginning was to think outside the box and combine great food with great delivery services. He recognized that with so many delicatessens in San Diego, he needed to be different.

The first thing the owner did before opening the Deli was to visit almost every sandwich shop in San Diego to see how they prepared their food. He recognized the need to provide the standard sandwiches such as ham, turkey, roast beef and tuna, but he also wanted to provide a special menu with specialty sandwiches such and a vegetarian sandwich, international selections and a variety of organic choices.

So how do you know if you’re doing well? You read the reviews and you ask your customers. With ratings of 4.5 on Urbanspoon, and 4 on Tripadvisor, Google and GrubHub, you know you’re on the right track. The goal was not to be an also ran, but to be the best and they are meeting that goal easily.

Catering special events, meetings and parties in general has become big business in San Diego. Many times companies find it beneficial to combine meetings with a little social time by having food catered so as not to break up the meeting for a couple of hours so that people can go out to lunch or dinner. This allows attendees to exchange ideas while enjoying their lunch without having to scatter in different directions looking for a place to eat.

Vila Delicatessen recognized that need and was determined to fill it by providing sandwiches, wraps and salads with a Brazilian touch. The owner also realized that many times people may have different food in mind so he joined forces with Restaurant Delivery Express and GrubHub in order to provide a variety of food.

The combination of services means that whether you want a Filet Mignon sandwich, Greek, Italian or Chinese food, you can order it by calling Vila Delicatessen at 858-565-2367 and give them your order. You can also go online to order your food. For more information on ordering visit