Sarpino’s Set to Debut in St. Louis

Local Entrepreneur Plans as Many as 50 Locations within 10 Years

There will be 5 opening in fairly quick succession, according to local St. Louis entrepreneur Dave Bauer. As the St. Louis franchisee for Sarpino’s, Bauer says he plans to open as many as 50 locations in St. Louis and surrounding areas within the next 10 years.

Well known in Chicago for its 83 different gourmet pizzas, calzones and other delicious menu items, the delivery pizza chain treats the delivery part of the business as its main business.

According to the company’s president, Dmitry Shapiro, “Of course, our pizza needs to be hot and delicious, but much of that depends on our delivery process and people. We feel that after perfecting your food and ingredients, the next most important thing is getting it to the customer in perfect condition.”

The unusual business model includes very hi-tech training programs and data collection. The unique tech training played a strong role in Bauer’s process to make his decision.

Sarpino's Set to Debut in St. Louis
Dave Bauer plans to open as many as 50 Sarpino’s Pizzerias in St. Louis and surrounding areas within the next 10 years.

“My first introduction to Sarpino’s was as a vendor, providing ventilation equipment to a new franchisee in Minnesota. As a supplier for the restaurant industry, I had a number of opportunities, none of which appeared financially feasible or inspired me the way my first experience with Sarpino’s did. I immediately identified with the Sarpino’s concept of hot, fast and fresh delivery pizza,” explains Bauer.

“The concept was simple but unique in that delivery pizza isn’t usually made with fresh ingredients. These were made of fresh dough, sauces and cheeses. After we finished our ventilation work, I returned to try the pizza when the store opened. I am pleased to say it exceeded my expectations.”

Along with his partner from his ventilation equipment business, Dan Hertenstein, Bauer and a few others have invested in two of Sarpino’s Pizza franchises in Kansas City one located on Vivion Road and the other on Westport Road, both of which are exceeding projected sales.

“Dan and I go way back to our college days,” shares Bauer. “We are design engineers for our ventilation products and services business, but this time I am going at it alone in my St. Louis Sarpino’s Pizza. Dan and I will also serve as area developers for Missouri for Sarpino’s brand.”

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Sarpino’s USA currently has 46 stores in eight states across the U.S. They expect to have 65 restaurants open by the end of 2014 and 350 locations within five years. Target markets with current store opportunities include Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC.