Servers Earn Better Tips with This Training Method

Severs Earn Better Tips with This Training Method

Servers know that the key to unlocking better tips is to provide amazing customer service.

But, food allergy guests are looking for a special type of service and experience. Without understanding how to deliver on this, guests often express their lack of satisfaction with lower gratuities.

Being prepared with the right answers, at the right time using the right practices can make a huge difference! One that they usually reward with a bigger dollar thank you.

Servers who know how to provide a Dine Aware Experience will meet the true needs of this consumer.

This is not food allergy training, it is food allergy customer service training. When a customer has one of these they experiences they will not be able to stop talking about it. Good for the customer, good the company, good for the wallet.

A Dine Aware Experience inspires trust, confidence and can make a positive difference in someone’s day.

Servers can learn how to create guest groupies by registering by clicking here:

If you are an employer who wants to register their staff, please email:

Dine Aware creates awareness not accommodation.

This is an important distinction because it is not always possible to accommodate a dietary restriction. But, it is always possible to be aware.

When you change how the interaction is handled with the consumer and best practices used, you change the experience for these guests even if you cannot accommodate.

When a company pairs accommodation with our Dine Awareness it is a powerful combination that will have your guests raving.

Dine Aware is a symbol that tells the consumer your staff can speak their food allergy “language”.

Contact us today to learn how your company can proudly display the Dine Aware symbol.


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Severs Earn Better Tips with This Training Method