Shakey’s Joint Venture Positions Brand For International Growth

Shakey's Joint Venture Positions Brand For International GrowthWith 60 Years Of History, The Iconic Pizza Brand Is Revitalizing Its Legacy

Shakey's Joint Venture Positions Brand For International GrowthShakey’s USA, Inc., and Shakey’s International Limited are excited to announce their mutual participation in a venture to grow the Shakey’s brand worldwide. With a total of 243 locations operating globally today, this iconic brand is poised to leverage its longstanding heritage for international expansion, reclaiming its leadership position in the pizza industry.

With a new ownership structure, Shakey’s International Limited reached an agreement with Shakey’s USA, Inc. to launch a separate, yet cooperative, enterprise to expand Shakey’s worldwide. While maintaining autonomous ownership, the two business entities will form a cohesive brand, employing the new Shakey’s logo, branding elements, operating systems and years of pizza industry and international experience. Shakey’s USA, Inc. will expand its footprint through the Americas and Europe, while Shakey’s International Limited will develop the Middle East, India, and the Asia Pacific region including China and Australia.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Shakey’s USA and are looking forward to continued success and growth, serving many more generations to come,” said Leo Prieto Jr., Chairman of Shakey’s International Limited. This statement reflects the deeply rooted relationship that Mr. Prieto has with the brand as well as Shakey’s USA, Inc. He has been an integral part of Shakey’s from its inception in the Philippines in 1975 to today as the dominant pizza brand in the area with 157 locations.

“Bringing together and partnering with the entities which constitute the Shakey’s brand worldwide has been an opportunity for some time and it is an important step towards significant growth,” said Nick Mayer, CEO of Shakey’s USA, Inc. Like its counterpart in the Philippines, International Family Food Services, Inc., Shakey’s USA, Inc. is leveraging the momentum of success during recent years. Shakey’s USA, Inc. has improved the business model, increased profitability and maintained its loyal following while adding modern features and innovations to attract a new generation of fans.

Southern California has been a launching pad for many of these innovations including new modern store designs. These initiatives hail the company’s renewed commitment to further growth, not only in the USA, but globally.

Shakey’s History‚Ķ. and its Future.

For over 60 years, Shakey’s has been the place for family and friends to enjoy great food and great times while creating great memories. Shakey’s first opened its doors April 30, 1954 in Sacramento, California, and has been serving its signature thin crust pizza, crispy fried chicken and famous Mojo potatoes in a fun, family friendly atmosphere, ever since.

Outside of the US and the Philippines, Shakey’s Pizza Restaurants also operate in Mexico, Singapore and Japan. The brand’s potential for rapid international expansion has the best chance of being realized now as Shakey’s USA, Inc. and Shakey’s International Limited, Inc. collaborate to grow Shakey’s worldwide. The two companies are already in the process of actively searching for Master Developers who would be granted the rights to develop a country or a specific area within a country.