Shoney’s Offers Up Free Hot Fudge Cake

On Tuesday, December 6, 2011, America’s iconic restaurant brand, Shoney’s, invites consumers to enjoy a free Hot Fudge Cake. The invitation continues the company’s Starting Fresh campaign, designed to help consumers celebrate and rediscover what they love about Shoney’s, while providing feedback that will shape the brand’s makeover.

The Starting Fresh campaign will return the Shoney’s brand, with 230 locations in 17 states, to its glory days and the company is celebrating by giving guests a free Hot Fudge Cake – Shoney’s favorite dessert for more than 60 years. There is no purchase necessary and cakes are available all day, while supplies last. Shoney’s hopes the Free Hot Fudge Day will encourage customers to share feedback about their experience publicly on its Facebook page,

“I bought Shoney’s for one reason: to make it great again,” said chairman and chief executive officer David Davoudpour. “To revitalize the brand, I’m inviting consumers to partake in Free Hot Fudge Cake Day and then post honest feedback and ideas on our Facebook page for us to evaluate.”

Since Shoney’s commitment to Start Fresh, the company has:

  • declared “Shoney’s Free Hot Fudge Cake Day” on December 6;
  • hired five-star executive chef, Will Eudy, to enhance freshness and quality;
  • refurbished older Shoney’s locations;
  • been developing and opening new restaurants; and
  • promised America a reinvigorated brand that listens to its customers.

Shoney’s guarantees the freshness and quality of its menu and invites customers to rediscover the Shoney’s they love on Free Hot Fudge Cake Day.