Sizzler Remodeling Program Heats up with Latest Reopening

“This is a Sizzler? No way!” It’s a comment heard a lot these days as the popular family casual chain and its franchisees continue to remodel their restaurants, using an all-new design. The latest Sizzler to get an extreme makeover is in Murrieta, Calif. Owned by Sizzler USA’s largest franchisee, BMW Management, Inc., the restaurant, located between Los Angeles and San Diego, reopened last week.

Sizzler introduced its latest design in September 2009 when it remodeled one of its original Los Angeles-area restaurants. Since then, four other locations have been updated to include at least some elements of the new look, much of which BMW Management developed. Nine more company and franchised restaurants are scheduled to be revamped within the next six months. For a slideshow and downloadable photos, visit

“We consider Sizzler’s food to be the star, but it needs a stage,” said Kerry Kramp, Sizzler chief executive. “The new Sizzler look provides that platform, and just as important, it’s the perfect setting for comfortable family gatherings.”

The new Sizzler design is inspired by a simpler, more relaxed time. There are new combinations of light and dark woods that define the restaurant’s contemporary “Americana” theme. Earth-tone carpeting complements the extensive stone detailing, while custom lighting creates a warm, comfortable lodge-like environment. Artwork reflects the local neighborhood.

Guests are immediately wowed by the new look, while Sizzler and its franchisees are impressed with the resulting sales increases.

According to Gary Myers, president and CEO of BMW Management, testing new concepts is critical to remaining competitive. At its Murrieta restaurant, BMW introduced a live salad bar display station so guests can watch fresh ingredients sliced, diced, peeled, chopped and tossed. It also replaced the old-style counters and cash registers with free standing ordering pods that improve efficiency and create more guest interaction.

“Every remodel we do is an opportunity for innovation,” said Myers. “When you invest in keeping your restaurants fresh and exciting, it pays off many times over and for years to come.”

Sizzler restaurants scheduled to be remodeled are located in Culver City, Oceanside, Lake Forest, Montebello, Palmdale, Lancaster, San Bernadino and Santa Clara, all in California, and Medford, Ore.

For more than 50 years, Sizzler has served great steaks, seafood and salad – always at a great value. Sizzler owns or franchises more than 260 restaurants worldwide. Owned by Australia-based Pacific Equity Partners, Sizzler’s U.S. operations are based in suburban Los Angeles. For more information, visit