Skimpy Mixers Makes Debut On Amazon

Skimpy Mixers Makes Debut On Amazon

Mega online retailer introduces low-cal, low-sugar product line to customers worldwide

Skimpy Mixers Makes Debut On AmazonYour favorite low-cal cocktail mix is just a click away now that Skimpy Mixers are available for sale on Amazon.

This marks the latest impressive milestone for the founders of Skimpy Mixers, which has been called “an overnight success story” in the retail category. Over the last several months, Skimpy Mixers’ six tantalizing flavors (Orange Dream, Berry Lemonade, Pineapple, Skimpy Margarita, Sweet n’ Sour and Cherry Limeade) have been added to the shelves at more than 1,300 Walmarts in 48 states and in hundreds of grocery and liquor stores, restaurants and bars nationwide.

Though the low-calorie, low-sugar drink line has been sold by the case at from the beginning, Co-Founder and CEO Megan Toole said Amazon’s global reach will allow the rapidly growing brand to tap into even more exciting and uncharted territory.

“The past couple of years have been a whirlwind for us. Landing Walmart really helped catapult us into the market and distinguish our brand as a great-tasting, low-calorie mixer, without that diet aftertaste,” said Toole. “We see the Amazon news as proof positive that Skimpy Mixers is coming of age, and we can’t wait to introduce more calorie-conscious customers to our brand of guilt-free cocktail bliss!”

Skimpy Mixers are sweetened with real fruit juice concentrate, which provides the robust flavor. But the proprietary formula strikes a refreshing balance between low-calorie and watered-down taste. The result is a palate-pleasing mixer that’s virtually indistinguishable from the leading sugary mixers, at 15-40 calories per serving, depending on the flavor.

Earlier this year, multi-faceted businesswoman and star of VH1’s “Atlanta Exes” Torrei Hart helped introduce Skimpy Mixers’ newest flavor, Cherry Limeade, which clocks in at just 20 calories per serving.

“This year has brought immense growth for our brand, and teaming up with Torrei was icing on the cake. Pairing up with another female entrepreneur who understands the value of creating a successful venture on your own has been an eye-opening experience,” LaMothe said. “The journey that started with months of formulation in our kitchens and countless sleepless nights has led us where we are today. Launching our presence on Amazon is a huge milestone for us, of course, but we also see it as a sign of more to come.”

Skimpy Mixers are easy to spot on store shelves and online thanks to their distinctive zebra-print bottle sleeves. For information about Skimpy Mixers, visit, Facebook or Instagram.