Small Independent Restaurant Brings Bitcoin to “Middle America”

Small Independent Restaurant Brings Bitcoin to "Middle America"

American Sandwich Co. this week announced a new milestone for the all-digital currency Bitcoin by being the first restaurant in the nation to bring it to “Middle America.” Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, is a system of owning and voluntarily transferring amounts of bitcoins, in a manner similar to an on-line banking, but pseudonymously and without reliance on a bank. Once exclusively the domain of tech-savvy “geeks,” this virtual currency has shot to prominence after a massive rise in value and the financial crisis in Cyprus.

With the introduction of accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment, American Sandwich Co. initiated several firsts for the digital currency. In addition to being the first restaurant in Pennsylvania to accept Bitcoin, American Sandwich Co. is the first quick service restaurant nationwide to do this directly through their own proprietary online ordering website. Most notable, however, is that they are the first restaurant outside a major urban area to so.

In order to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, Rich Piotrowski, who owns the restaurant with his wife Ellen Blickman, worked with Bitpay, the Bitcoin payment processor, and the software development company Menubus, to create and develop American Sandwich Co.’s revolutionary ordering site. Piotrowski said they have received overwhelming positive feedback since they made their initial announcement online. “The strong response proves that Bitcoin is on the edge of breaking into the mainstream. On our first few days of accepting it, we had people driving an hour or more out of their way to visit us and pay with Bitcoin. It’s no longer just a hip urban thing. We’re in the small town of Coopersburg, PA. You can’t get more ‘ Middle America’ than here.”

Co-owner Ellen Blickman said that she and her husband are part of a growing number of business owners and investors who believe that Bitcoin will ultimately change the face of American economics. However, their motive is simple, “We want to provide our customers with an easier, safer and more economical option to credit cards, which is a 25 billion dollar a year industry.” Blickman points out that retailers and restaurants pay very high fees to accept credit cards and most consumers aren’t aware that these fees are indirectly passed along to them through higher prices. “By accepting Bitcoin, we can keep our costs low and still maintain the high quality American Sandwich is known for, That’s a big plus for our guests.”

American Sandwich Co., a single location restaurant, is located in the North-Eastern part of Pennsylvania. Since its inception, American Sandwich Co. has built its excellent reputation and loyal following by putting customers first. From offering a high quality HFCS-free menu, to using corn-based disposables, utilizing renewable energy plus a firm commitment to recycling, American Sandwich Co.’s goal is to be a leader in the restaurant world by steering it into a healthier, cleaner, greener and more economically safe and sound future.
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