SmartAVI Releases New DigiMenu-Pro, the Ideal Restaurant Menu Solution

SmartAVI Releases New DigiMenu-Pro, the Ideal Restaurant Menu Solution

For restaurants of all sizes and styles, the new DigiMenu-Pro from SmartAVI is the perfect way to engage customers, make sales and increase business.

Creating effective restaurant menus with attractive images and dynamic messaging is easier than ever with the newly released DigiMenu-Pro from SmartAVI. This new all-in-one menu solution delivers everything owners of restaurants, cafés and other food service venues need to create enticing menus that help drive sales and attract new customers.

A key aspect of the DigiMenu-Pro is its complete ease of use, thanks to plug-and-play technology. The system includes a small hardware box with an HDMI output and SmartAVI’s user-friendly software to run and update the menu. Users can choose from a variety of attractive templates, build their own menu or have the SmartAVI team create a menu for them.

With mouth-watering images in crystal clear high definition video, restaurants can better entice and inform customers. And thanks to easy updates, creating daily specials or switching menus for different times of day just takes a few keystrokes, which can even be managed through automatic scheduling. Better still, the entire system costs less than $1,000.

Market research from top companies in the restaurant business has shown digital menus increase sales and improve the customer’s overall experience. Moreover, even the most basic single screen digital menu allows for advertising potential, opening another revenue stream for small businesses.

“We developed the DigiMenu-Pro by mixing our digital signage expertise with the precise needs of restaurant owners,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “Users can make better menus while saving big money on unnecessary printing and reprinting costs on their old menus, too.”

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